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San Jose Del Cabo X (FSX)

The best and most realistic Mexican scenery available! San Jose Del Cabo is a piece of art resulting from tons of hard work with an extreme level of detail bringing the most accurate replication of the real airport. Developed with the latest technology to insure getting the most out of your system with but still using bump maps and animations.


  • Developed for FSX (not only adapted from FS2004)
  • Realistic buildings and placement
  • Extreme detail
  • Extreme high resolution textures
  • Shaders techniques in ground, with specular reflection, bump and detail maps!
  • Smooth taxiway lines every where
  • Photo real ground textures
  • Main buildings 3D interiors
  • Amazing realistic night textures
  • Our design system gives high detail with low FPS
  • Reworked Landclass
  • Ultra realistic glass textures
  • Custom vehicles, vegetation, signs, etc!
  • Smooth vehicle animations
  • Landmarks and hotel area modeled
  • Reworked shore
  • Only for FSX (FS2004 version sold separately)
  • The best scenery for a Mexican airport available!!!
  • Manual in German, English and Spanish

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by Avsim.com:
"When I started this review, I didn’t quite know what I was getting into. I had heard of Bajasim, but wasn’t sure what to expect. At the end of this review, I am surprised, to say the least. I mean that in the best way possible. The modeling is really nice, but the texturing is the high point of this scenery. Wherever you look, the texturing is top notch. It is detailed, it has good coloring and manages to incorporate beautiful detail. As a big plus, the performance is great. I am very happy with this product and people that like flying around Mexico will want to have this scenery..."

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System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition)
Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7
3 GHz Processor (Dual Core Processor or equivalent system recommended) 
Graphics card with at least 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Download-Size: 110 MB
Installations-Size: 200 MB

Additional downloads:
   .pdf-Manual (German/English/Spanish): >> View here <<


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