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PMDG BAe Jetstream 4100 (FSX only)

PMDG's award winning development team has taken 9 months to release this faithfully reproduced aircraft! In traditional PMDG style, no effort was spared during this extensive development process and it´s certain the J41 will quickly become a customers favorite for regional turbo prop simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator X!

The BAe Jetstream 4100 , a classic Turbo-prop Regional Airliner for FSX

The external model has been accurately modeled to the smallest of details and painted using high resolution photo real textures. External objects can be shown/hidden using the Ramp Manager, adding to the realism and immersion - Baggage Cart, Ground Power Unit (GPU), Cones, Covers, stanchion with rope, baggage (in baggage compartments) and passengers (matches the in-cockpit load sheet). The animated parts on the J41 were carefully researched and faithfully reproduced to match their operation with the actual aircraft. The J41 sports realistically animated gear, gear doors, flaps, spoilers, oil cooler flaps, passenger and cargo doors, AOA indicators and flight deck crew.

Fully Interactive, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit - designed and animated using the same proprietary techniques developed for previous PMDG award-winning product lines, Virtual Cockpit users will truly enjoy the sensation of "being there" when flying this simulator from the fully interactive and animated 3D virtual cockpit.


  • Accurate external model
  • External objects
  • Aircraft animations
  • Fully interactive, dynamic Virtual Cockpit
  • Photoreal textures
  • Detailed aircraft systems
  • All avionics
  • Fully immersive sound
  • Add-on liveries
  • Detailed Icing model
  • Speed cards
  • Interactive Load sheet

Additional specifications:
Box/CD-Version: Version 1.10.1016 , printed Manual (English)
Download-Version: Version 1.10.1016 , Manual (English) as a .pdf-File

Awards / Reviews:

Avsim GOLD Star Award, Avsim.com 2009

Conclusion by Avsim.com:
"PMDG actually referred to this product as a “light” product, compared to the MD-11, for example, and gave that as a reason for the relatively low price. In essence, though, I can’t think of this add-on as anyway near “light”. There is a lot to do on this plane and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. You feel like you really are piloting the aircraft, and not merely pushing buttons (that’s also why I tend to enjoy old jetliners more than modern ones). In short: the system simulation of this aircraft add-on is extraordinarily good, and really gives you the feeling of truly operating your plane! Couple this to a great looking visual model with great animations (including moving pilots and passengers), a very usable and versatile Virtual Cockpit and a great soundset, and you have got yourself a winner. PMDG has done it again, people. If you are into turboprop aircraft, you will definitely want this add-on. Even if you are not so into turboprop aircraft, but you like the sound of constantly having to meddle with power lever settings and constantly monitoring your plane’s instruments, I dare say you will really enjoy this plane. This add-on is hard to beat, and I can recommend it to all people interested. I guess what Robert Randazzo said is true: " Once a JetStream Driver, Always a JetStream Driver." "

Click here to read the complete review

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Windows XP / Vista
Mininimum - 3GHz or multi-core processor (Dual or Quad Core Processor recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB Graphics card (512 MB recommended)

NOTE: The PC running this add-on requires an active Internet connection during installation.

How to purchase and install Download-Versions?:

  • Buying is simple, just add it to your cart ( press the green buy button ) and do all the handling of payment (Credit Card and PayPal accepted) . Keep in mind that if you are located outside the EEC you do not pay VAT
  • On the screen where you see that the payment has been done you will find a download link, download AND SAVE this file to a secure location
  • While you are doing this, an email is being send to you with the serial code
  • You can always find your code in the shop under Your Account - Your Order Details - Downloads
  • At the call up of the Jetstream you have to enter the serial number (wich was sent to you in an E-Mail). After this the Jetstream has been successfully avtivated. For this procedure an ACTIVE internet connection is needed


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