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Experience the thrill of Air Traffic Control ! Tower Simulator is a stand alone program... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wilco - Tower Simulator"

Experience the thrill of Air Traffic Control !

Tower Simulator is a stand alone program which does not require any other simulator to work.

As a tower controller, you handle realistic aircraft take-offs and landings, as well as aircraft ground movements through breathtaking out-the-window and radar views. Runways, taxiways, aprons, flight paths, obstructions and airport structures are all under your control !


  • Ground and Tower simulation
  • Photorealistic renditions of several worldwide airports
  • Multiple views, including out-the-window tower view, Air and Ground Radars
  • For beginners and experts, from free simulation to Career mode
  • Actively overlooked and supervised by licensed professionals
  • Based on actual FAA and European regulations

Tower Simulator meets the two most important training criteria for a high-fidelity ATC tower training environment :

  • Highly realistic scenario generation
  • Adjustable time of day, weather and seasonal conditions.

Handle living airports !

  • 60 airplanes models from general aviation up to the most recent airliner (including Airbus A380, cargo movement aircraft,...)
  • 300 airlines flying according to their actual timetables
  • Advanced aircraft behaviors based on manufacturers' flying characteristics and official aeronautical procedures
  • Ground traffic to reflect daily activity level with service vehicles moving according to the traffic: pushback, fuel truck, luggage trucks,… before, during and after the aircraft arrival
  • Multiple events to evaluate your ability to make split-second appropriate decision
  • Gate assignments for airlines in order to match living world used gates
  • Life road traffic in the airports vicinity
  • Aircraft lights based on real circumstances.

Tower Simulator is definitely YOUR simulation !

  • Simulation suited to beginners and experts :
    - Adjustable complexity level
    - Assigned path can be made visible on the ground
  • Floating and resizable windows: air radar, ground radar, arrival & departure printable strips
  • Reward calculated according to airport difficulty, number of aircraft handled, user's level
  • Score and salary depending on statistics, rewards, earnings, career, mistakes,…
  • Implemented regulations based on FAA and European guidelines
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete in-depth manual with detailed official procedures description and airport charts
  • Multilingual installation : English, French, German, Spanish.
  • Customize Tower Simulator with controller's name and picture, time schedule, callsign, airlines, gate assignments, repaintable airplanes,...

Challenge yourself in a living environment !

  • Airports ranked by handling difficulty level, from the island airport to the world's busiest airport
  • User ruled airport lighting for runways, taxiways, parking areas
  • Multiple views: tower, radar and 'binocular' to easily locate and control further aircraft, vehicles,...
  • Male/female digitized pilots voices with various accents
  • Dynamic sound experience featuring Doppler effects
  • Realistic environment with beautiful sunset, sunrise, moonlight,...
  • Challenging and adjustable conditions: rain, snow, thunderstorms, fog, and time of the day
  • Realistic clouds movements

True-to-life photorealistic airports

  • Orange County, CA USA (KSNA)
  • Chicago O'hare, IL USA (KORD)
  • Princess Juliana St-Maarten (TNCM)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle France (LFPG)
  • Munich Airport Germany (EDDM)

Tower Simulator is compatible with :

  • Matrox TripleHead2Go
  • Track IR
  • Voice recognition software (though compatible, not technically supported by feelThere).

Tower Simulator is a keyboard and mouse driven simulation. It allows generic hardware compatibility (keyboard shortcuts list supplied).


System requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (32 Bit)
3 Ghz Processor
700 MB Festplattenspeicher
512 MB RAM
Graphics card with 256 MB
DirectX 9 or higher
Download-Size: 305 MB
Installation-Size: 700 MB

Please note Windows Vista 64bits is not technically supported.

Support for this product is done by the developer, please visit www.towersimulator.com for any questions.

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