Airport Dallas / Fort Worth is located between these two major cities in the US state of Texas. It is the third-largest airport in the world and with 681,244 aircraft movements in 2015, it is also the world's third busiest airport. 7 runways, 5 terminals, 165 gates and 3 control towers help accommodate the 1,845 daily flights. Read more >>

XPlane 11 is available now!

XPlane 11 is available now as download! The Aerosoft Edition also includes the following three Airports: Lugano, Toulouse and Weeze! The 11th edition of XPlane offers a much more realistic and immersive experience. Read more >>
Rio de Janeiro International Airport V2.0 is available now as download for X-Plane 10 and XPlane 11 Public Beta. Order the latest version and save the introduction discount of 50%! The reduction is valid until May 04, 2017. Read more >>

XPlane A330 - Available now!

Fly across the pound with JARDesign’s A330 and simulate the working life of an airline pilot. The add-on includes a lot of features like a realistic 3D model, a detailed virtual cockpit, traffic support and many others. Furthermore the aircraft has been tested by real Airbus pilots who helped with their great input during the development. Read more >>
XP Airport Maastricht-Aachen is now available for download for X-Plane 10 and XPlane 11 Public Beta. The small international airport between Maastricht and Aachen serves not only passenger traffic to southern Europe, but also freight transport to the whole world. XYZ Visuals has been equipped the airport with numerous small, very adorable details. Read more >>
The airport Antalya is a typical holiday airport. The presentation of the airport corresponds to the state of 2009 - the ground layout is based on high resolution aerial images, the rendition of all buildings and facilities of the airport are very close to the real world. The package includes the Aerosoft static aircraft library. It places aircraftt with realistic liveries on the aprons. Read more >>

Newsticker - XPlane

Airbus A350 XWB Advanced updated to version 1.44 +++ Boeing 767-300 ER Professional updated to version 1.1.27 +++ B777 Worldliner Professional updated to version 1.94 +++ 777 Worldliner Extended updated to ersion 1.94 +++ Read more >>
Berlin-Tegel Airport "Otto Lilienthal" is one of the international airports of the German capital city Berlin. The add-on is compatible with X-Plane 10 as well as XPlane 11. This add-on offers a very accurate and realistic recreation of the airport with high-detailed models and textures. Optimized to guarantee an astonishing graphical appearance with an outstanding performance, the airport makes for a superb flight destination. Read more >>
The XPlane add-ons Aerosoft - B777 Worldliner Professional has been updated to version 1.91, and the add-on Boeing 767-300 ER Professional has been updated to V1.1.23. These new versions make the popular Boeing add-ons fully compatible with the soon to be released flight simulator XPlane 11! As usual, owners of the download versions can find the update in their customer account. Read more >>

Bella Coola - Now available!

In the midst of a picturesque, green valley lies the airport of Bella Coola. Read more >>
The most recent entry to our Spanish Airfields series, the airfield Soria Garray, is available now for XPlane as well. This small, modern airfield us run by Airpull Aviation and located in the midst of a vast region in central Spain. From here, you can start to round trips across the surroundings. The “Aeródromo de Soria Garray” has one 1024m and one 520m long runway. Read more >>

XPlane 11 - Available soon!

Look forward to the latest news in flight simulation - X-Plane 11 soon for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In this simulator, there is a whole world to discover. Discover the new world of X-Plane 11 and make use of its open structure that allows you to change everything and adapt it to your very own preference! The 11th edition of X-Plane offers a much more realistic and immersive experience. All loyal x-plane fans who already own the old version (x-plane 10) receive an update price at the release. Everybody who pre orders x-plane 11 now gets a 15% discount! Read more >>
Emergency Call 112 - Update Announcement

There’ll be a new patch for Emergency Call 112 within the next few days, preparing the upcoming... [more]

FS2Crew Sale -30%

Save now 30% on all FS2Crew products. Equip yourself with realistic Airliner crew simulations and... [more]

WORK IN PROGRESS: Barcelona X Evolution

Have a look at the work in progress screenshots of Barcelona X Evolution scenery by sim-wings. [more]

Preview: Trondheim airport, Værnes V2.0

The complete remake of the Scandinavian airport includes a highly accurate recreation of... [more]

25% discount on Palo Alto Airport California

Save 25% on the Californian Palo Alto Airport from Cielosim for your FSX, FSX: Steam or P3D. The... [more]

FlightSim Commander 9.6* - Update V9.6.0.8

The tool „FlightSim Commander 9.6*“ has been updated to version The version 9.6 Revision... [more]

XPlane Airport Dallas/Fort Worth...

Airport Dallas / Fort Worth is located between these two major cities in the US state of Texas.... [more]

XPlane 11 is available now!

XPlane 11 is available now as download! The Aerosoft Edition also includes the following three... [more]

On the Road Early Access – available now!

Get behind the steering wheel of a truck and start your journey through Germany! Almost 1,500 km... [more]

The journey continues with the Neoplan...

The first Fernbus Simulator add-on is available now! The included Neoplan Skyliner is a special... [more]