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  • AS10426
  • Aerosoft
  • LimeSim
  • English
  • 4015918104265
  • 1.20
This scenery was started to fully explore the new options of FSX and with the task create the... more
Product information "Helgoland X"

This scenery was started to fully explore the new options of FSX and with the task create the most realistic small scenery possible. A lot of experimenting was done to find the best way to use the options of FSX and although compromises had to be accepted the resulting scenery is the most detailed we have ever released. It redefines photo realistic scenery. The features speak for themselves but the screenshots tell the real story. They show the loving attention and professional quality that went into this product.


  • Extremly detailed scenery (all buildings)
  • 1 meter resolution mesh (so you see the smallest dunes near the airport)
  • Very good performance in FSX (most testers reported solid 20 fps on Intel Duo2core CPU's)
  • Missions included (one to get to know the island, one to test your flying skills...and more to come!)
  • Animated sea gulls (better not hit those!)
  • Sounds linked to scenery objects (waves, bird, ships and even the sounds of the church bells at noon)
  • Extensive shipping traffic (on nearby shipping lane and most regular scheduled ship traffic to and from the islands and oil rig)
  • Helgoland-Düne airfield (with extremly short runways)
  • SAR helicopter base of the German Navy (start of your rescue mission)
  • Mittleplatte oilrig (highly detailed)
  • German Navy frigate (moving and landable)
  • July 2006 aerial images (so fully up to date)
  • Extensive manual (German and English available)
  • Night and seasonal textures and effects
  • Underwater structures

Helgoland consists of two small islands on Germany's northern coast. It has a rich and varied history but they might still be unknown to many people. Don't let this distract you from taking a look at this scenery because you will see some things you have not yet seen before. In this way this scenery is a lot like Lukla - Mt Everest (done by the same developer) that many people bought to see what was possible at that time.

Not only does this scenery represent the 'state of the art' in scenery design, it also offer the sim pilot a chance to practice his pilot skills. Although there are two runways, so cross wind isn't your main problem, landing at Helgoland is only permitted for pilots with 100 hours under their belt and only when they have short runway experience. Add to these small runways the dunes that forever seem to get higher and closer to the threshold and you got an airport where every landing is a dangerous one. Of course landing on the moving frigate is a challenge that one serious helicopter pilots can handle.

Two missions are included. The first is a short flight with some tourists over the islands to let you get acquainted with the scenery, entertaining but not very challenging. The second is a serious rescue mission that is extreme in weather and tasks. Don't expect to walk away with your mission success medal on your first attempt. The missions come with graphics and extensive and professional sound files. Aerosoft feels that missions should be a part of nearly any product at this moment in time.

Technical limitations for the FS2004 version:

  • Ships are not animated because otherwise the frigate could not be landed on.
  • No landings on terrain as FS2004 doesn't support this
  • A high quality mesh terrain (Helgoland isn't made of usual mesh terrain, we created a much higher resolution 3D terrain - you can see the difference to the default scenery)
  • No wet runways when raining
  • No scenery object sounds (gulls, church bells etc.)
  • No underwater structures visible
  • No animated ships shouth of Helgoland
  • Fewer details at some locations (e.g. no 3D persons at the airport)
  • No night textures
  • No flight missions

Helgoland screenshots taken in FS2004 => Click here !

Screenshots taken by Nick Churchill

System requirements for FSX:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2) or FSX Steam Edition
Win XP(SP2), Vista
Pentium from 2 GHz
512 MB RAM ( 1 GB strongly advised)
Graphic card with 128 MB RAM
Sound card
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 6 minimal to read and print the manual (1)
Download-Size: 42 MB
Installations-Size: 68 MB

System requirements for FS2004:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Win XP
Pentium 2 GHz
512 MB RAM
Graphic card with 64 MB RAM
Sound card
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 6 minimal to read and print the manual (1)
Download-Size: 33 MB
Installations-Size: 70 MB

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