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Madeira Archipelago: Although close to Africa, Madeira is a semi independent part of Portugal... more
Product information "Scenery Madeira"

Madeira Archipelago:

Although close to Africa, Madeira is a semi independent part of Portugal with two main islands (Madeira and Porto Santo) and two smaller islands Desertas and Selvagens. 'Discovered' around 1420 by Portuguese sailors it was most likely know to several seafaring nations before that and probably also inhabited as well. The islands are rugged and mountainous with large parts too steep to cultivate and in many parts steep cliffs drop into the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the mild weather and superb nature it is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans and those who visited the islands will be amazed to see it so lifelike in FSX.

The scenery:

Both Madeira and Santo Porto islands are included in this project and next to the two detailed airports the complete islands are ideal for VFR flights, particular in small and slow aircraft but the Funchal airport is the highlight of this scenery without a doubt. Because there is so little flat land on the island the airport has a runway that extends over the ocean on a raised platform. Approaching runway 05 you follow a set of 'lead-in' landing lights over a curved path that allow you land on the runway without crashing into the mountains. Under bad weather not an easy task.



  • Photo realistic 50 cm pixels ground coverage
  • Highly detailed airports of Funchal (LPMA) and Porto Santo (LPPS)
  • Super detailed 9,5 meter mesh
  • 120.000 hand placed autogen objects
  • Dozens of detailed VFR objects (bridges, wind power plants etc)
  • Dynamic traffic on all highways
  • AI Traffic (compatible with MyTraffic)
  • Extensive manual with charts

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by
"I was very impressed with this scenery addon, it provides the best of both worlds; amazing photo scenery visuals and highly detailed and challenging airports. From the novice to the most seasoned pilot everyone will find something here to keep you interested and wanting to come back for more.

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Conclusion by
"Were it possible to send a handshake via the internet, I would be wringing Aerosoft's hand for the enjoyment which this package has afforded me. Madeira's motto, "Das ilhas, as mais belas e livres" (of all island, the most beautiful and free) is true for not only the island in the real world, but most definitely for its simulated counterpart; indeed, this beautiful locale completely overshadows that of the famous Lord Howe Island X, and is undoubtably the most stunning area I've ever flown over. It has all of the perks and glory bestowed upon the magnificent VFR London X, but puts those qualities to use in a rather less metropolitan environment. The beautiful geography and base texturing make this product the sort which renders a reviewer conscious of a growing sense of awe and, perhaps, a worry that he sounds too complimentary--I don't care! This package merits it a hundred times and again"

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Conclusion by
"It's obvious that a lot of time and attention to detail has been spent on this scenery. A true classic in it's genre.  There's no point anyone else making scenery for Madeira as Aerosoft have been there, done that!  You know anything else is just a compromise!

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Conclusion by
"Overall this scenery is absolutely stupendous. The amount of work initially put in this product was second to none but the rebuild of this product is even better. There is so many good things to be said that they cover up any minute blemishes that the scenery may have. The way this airport comes to life around you and how the island looks so real is absolutely an amazing aspect to have in any scenery package and is worth the money. If you are a heavy VFR flier I would definitely recommend this you. Like I said before even if you fly IFR this airport is fun to fly in and out of. Especially with the tricky approach into runway 05 it makes for a great challenge for any pilot.
Aerosoft has not failed to impress me with this product. Aerosoft has a very good reputation for developing high quality scenery and this is another superb example of their glorious work that they have rebuilt into an even better version than the previous one. I give this scenery a 9/10.

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Conclusion by
"Avsim reviewed Madeira X and it has become a very thorough review. Some very serious and useful comments in there! The comments at the end:
- Two faithfully and highly detailed airports.
- Full complement of approach charts.
- Madeira airport is amazing with the support pillars.
- Easy on frame rates.
- Breathtakingly surreal photographic terrain textures.
- Has 5 airplane types for AI (but no military?). "

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Conclusion by PC Pilot Magazine | Mar-Apr 2009:
"Over the past few months I've reviewed a number of Aerosoft products where the quality has been both impressive and consistent. Madeira continues the trend witha well-rounded package that gives FS pilots the chance to explore another distant shore, and experience one of the world's most challenging approaches. It's not perfect. There are places where your aircraft will fall through the scenery and some of the ground textures around the airports don't look so good close up.But this is being picky and to be fair some of these are issues with FSX and not the fault of the developers. So if you fancy abreak, take a trip to Madeira. Final score: 90% : "

PC Pilot Magazine

Conclusion by Aircraft Illustrated Magazine | February 2009:
"Aircraft Illustrated reviewed Madeira X and gave it 5 out of 5 stars: Aerosoft modeled these aspects superbly, thus creating a a very special piece of scenery for FSX which is distinctive and challenging"

Aircraft Illustrated website

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack oder Gold Edition)
Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista
Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB graphic card (512 MB recommended)
Download-Size: 1.3 GB
Installations-Size: 1.5 GB

Additional Downloads :
.pdf-Manual (Spanish/Portuguese): >> Click here <<

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