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Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X

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The DA20-100 Katana is proof of the old saying "what looks good, flies good". It is a cutting GA... more
Product information "Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X"

The DA20-100 Katana is proof of the old saying "what looks good, flies good". It is a cutting GA aircraft made out of fiber-reinforced composites. Originally designed to be a training craft it is now flown by a lot of private pilots who enjoy the wonderful flight dynamics and its economical costs.

This aircraft for FSX has one of the most impressive lists of features of any product we ever handled. It really makes you feel like owning the aircraft as you got to do the maintenance, cleaning and even decide what oil type to use. If any product made Microsoft slogan “As real as it gets” come true it got to be the Katana!



  • Realistic - Wear and damage can encounter and will be stored. Fluids will be used and the aircraft can get dirty. Maintenance and services are available. Flight hours and landings will be counted and special features unlocked.
  • Simple - No wear and damage will be simulated. Aircraft stays clean. Flight hours and landings are not locked. No special features.
  • Instructor - Aircraft is as new every reload. Wear and damage can encounter or be triggered but will not be stored. Fluids will be used and the aircraft can get dirty. Flight hours and landings will not be counted and no special features are available. Instructor Panels are available.


  • Airframe limitations are simulated
  • Trim tabs can be bend on ground
  • Controls can get damaged
  • Controls can freeze
  • Flaps can get damaged - Flaps motor can get damaged - Wheel fairings can be attached/detached
  • Wheel fairings can get damaged
  • Aircraft can get dirty
  • Canopy can be opened and closed
  • Canopy can be opened and closed by airflow
  • Canopy opens if flying down under or due accelerations if not locked.
  • Canopy locking mechanism
  • Canopy can break off
  • Canopy can get covered by ice
  • Elevator can get damaged by canopy
  • Cowling can be opened
  • Oil access door can be opened
  • Fuel tank cover can be opened
  • Wheel fairings reducing drag

Engine (Rotax 912S):

  • Engine damage and wear
  • Engine cooling by air and fluid
  • Carburetor simulation
  • Carburetor can get plugged
  • Carb Heat - Starter simulation
  • Starter can get damaged
  • Starter low voltage simulation
  • Engine start due wind milling
  • Engine Start due turning the propeller by hand
  • Choke simulation
  • Engine wind milling
  • Damage when engaging starter also engine is running
  • Pulled Choke with warm engine stresses engine
  • Cold engine may run better with pulled choke


  • Propeller damage and wear
  • Propeller governor simulated - Propeller ground contact
  • Propeller damage by dust
  • Propeller can be turned by hand
  • Propeller pitch change by hand

Oil System:

  • Oil usage simulated
  • Two sorts of oil: SAE20 / SAE40
  • Oil quantity check
  • Turning propeller or running engine draws oil out of the cylinders
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil temperature and pressure simulation
  • Oil loss without cap during turns
  • Oil access door animation if left open due wind
  • Oil can be drained

Fuel System:

  • Carburetor simulation
  • Fuel pumps and pipes simulation
  • Fuel in pipes can be burned
  • Fueling simulation
  • Fuel dip stick
  • Fuel tank cover
  • Water in fuel
  • Water draining
  • Fuel lead simulation
  • Fuel type selection
  • Fuel pump may be needed above 13.000 ft

Electrical System:

  • Complex battery simulation
  • Complete electrical circuits
  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Circuit breakers
  • Generator simulation
  • Generator wear and damage
  • Displays flicker and brightness
  • Electrical power on starter simulated


  • 3d Gauges with smooth animations
  • Needle movements and vibrations simulated
  • Gyros simulated
  • Attitude Indicator simulation
  • Compass card simulation
  • Wet compass acceleration and turning error
  • Pitot tube and static port simulation
  • Pitot tube, static port and stall warning can get plugged


  • Units operation simulated: Navigation and Communication is only possible with operating devices
  • Simple mode: Units can be operated in simple mode for being compatible with hardware
  • KX125 TSO
    • Unit can be turned off
    • Unit has circuit breaker
    • Unit can be damaged
    • Frequencies are stored
    • Standby frequencies
    • Engaging direct frequency control due holding the transfer buttons
    • Modes: CDI, BRG and RAD
    • Auto-TO
    • Independent OBS display
  • KT76A
    • Unit can be turned off
    • Unit can be damaged
    • Unit has circuit breaker
    • Transponder warm up simulated
  • GPS500 (FSX default) off
    • Unit can be turned off
    • Unit has circuit breaker
    • Brightness can be adjusted
  • GNS530 (by Reality XP, not included in the product)
  • GPS500 can be replaced by the GNS530 directly in the simulator


  • Cabin temperature simulated
  • Cabin airflow simulated
  • Wing icing
  • Stall warning icing
  • Controls icing
  • Canopy icing
  • Pitot and static port icing
  • Dirt
  • Insects

Visual Effects:

  • Motion and vibration effects
  • Aircraft and parts influenced by propeller wind
  • Realistic and switchable lighting effects
  • Adjustable panel lighting
  • Bump mapping on exterior and virtual cockpit

Sound Effects:

  • Complex sound environment
  • Every lever, switch has its own sound

Graphical User Interface:

  • All settings can be done in FSX

Preflight Panels:

  • Ground equipment and fixation
  • Tow bar
  • Walk-around check
  • Trim tabs
  • Fuel station, fuel drain and dipstick
  • Oil and liquids
  • Payload
  • Aircraft cleaning

Maintenance Panels:

  • Equipment: Change avionics or attach/detach wheel fairings
  • Workshop: Inspection, repairing or replacing parts and systems
  • Service: Replace or refill liquids, replacing or reloading battery etc.

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by the PC Pilot Magazine, Issue Sept/Oct 2011:
"As if the aforementioned features weren`t enough, Aerosoft thought to include an `Instructor` mode which is a nifty utility that allows an instructor to use a second monitor to selectively fail or degrade aircraft systems and indicators. The ability to pop circuit breakers, open relays, induce mechanical failures, and to otherwise challenge students, vaults the Aerosoft Katana 4X from pure entertainment software, to being a useful training tool for students. The all-round attention to detail, additional features, and polish of this aircraft make it worthy of exceptional praise." 

Winner of the simFlight Awards 2012 - Category: General Aviation, Gliders

View all results

Conclusion by
"I`ve thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this add-on and it is a fantastic addition to your flight sim hangar. You need to bear in mind that it is a complex aircraft (unless you run it in simple mode) and it may not be the best add-on for the more casual simmer.
If you are unsure you can download the manual prior to purchase to get an idea of what to expect. I did experience some teething problems which will hopefully be addressed in a service pack, but the support available via the Aerosoft forums was a great help in sorting any problems. A tutorial flight would have been welcome and is a glaring omission from such a well packaged product. I`m happy to award the Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X"

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration)
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 with the latest Service Packs (Vista not recommended)
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2 x 2666 MHz) or equivalent (Core 2 Quad CPU recommended)
DX9 Graphic Card with at least 512 MB
Mouse with mouse wheel
Download-Size: 180 MB
Installation-Size: 600 MB

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