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In cooperation with the organization "Mensch zu Mensch", we have realized projects in Ethiopia in the past years. These include the construction of a kindergarten, a community center or a Disability Center.

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Now, we want to continue supporting the further development of the Disability Center in Jimma, Ethiopia. This is particularly important to us since in the African society people with a disability have been stigmatized for generations. In this part of the world, it is assumed that a disability is a curse of God. Usually, these people have little or no access to education, work and medical care.

In the above-mentioned center, disabled people can get medical care or get access to education. Four to five times a year, professional medical teams visit the center. In addition, wheelchairs, crutches, etc. are offered. Furthermore, a cooperation with the hospitals in Jimma and Addis Adaba was established.

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Over the last few years, more than 1,000 people have taken advantage of the Disability Center's offerings. Meanwhile, the offers are not only used by people from the Jimma region. Some people even take a long trip to get treated at this Disability Center.

Therefore, on the piece of land that was provided for the project for free by the community, another hall is now to be built. This hall shall include a kitchen and a dining room as well as a workroom in which the wheelchairs, crutches, etc. can be rebuilt and repaired.

The construction of the multipurpose hall in Jimma for disabled children program have completed in October 2018:

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The total cost of the project is 29,925 €. We are happy that 10,000 € will be taken over by Aerosoft.

Aerosoft also asks its customers to help by donating that this project can be completed in the short term. Just follow this link.

Former donation projects

Health-Care Jimma-Bonga:

During his visit at the Paderborner Airport project leader Bischof Abune Markos Gebremedhin and the responsible organisators explain the problematic in the small villiage Jimma (Ethiopia). The plan is to build two buildings in Jimma to take medical and physical care of disabled children and teenagers.

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One of the stations already started to work and now takes care of about 60 disabled children. The second building is still under construction, but makes a good progress thanks to the numerous donations. The most important part - the fencing of the area is done now. This was a very important step, because the local laws says, that buildings have to be fenced to save them from outside influences. If this does not happen in a certain time the building becomes poperty of the state.

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This legal obstacle has been mastered thanks to your continous donations. Moreover the building process of sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a well have been ended sucessfully. For Aerosoft it was self-evident to support the process by an other 10.000 Euro.

Orphanage in Guder

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In September 2010 the organisation "Patenschaften von Mensch zu Mensch", Bishop Abune Markos Gebremedhin from Guder and Aerosoft CEO Winfried Diekamnn came together to talk about the building of an orphanage.

Bishop Gebremedhin talked about the constant progress, which Aerosoft supports since a few years. The well hast already been sinked, and was now expanded by a pump to supply the orphanage with water. Moreover the leading nuns and monks brought cows and sheeps to make the orphanage independend and able to pay for repairs and the checks of the teachers.

Diekmann handed bishop Gebremedhin a check with the amount of 10.000€. With this money two bedroomes can be repaired and the financing for the rest of the year is saved.

In general the orphanage, which is the new home of about 60 children, is now equiped with all necessary things to take good care of the children. We want to take the chanche to thank you, for the important part that all donators took in this project.

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