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Aerosoft (in combination for FSAddon) will now bring this flying to your screen with Freight... more
Product information "Freight Dogs"

Aerosoft (in combination for FSAddon) will now bring this flying to your screen with Freight Dogs, an exiting combination of three aircraft, six airports and the module based (meaning it actually expands what flight simulator can do) FS Cargo. All parts are perfectly matched to form a complete extension to Flight Simulator that will give you hours and hours of fun.

The Product
In the wild border region between Alaska and Canada roads are rare and the weather can make transport by ship and truck an adventures affair. So a lot of goods are transported by aircraft to the small strips that are about as common as a car park in downtown Chicago. The pilots who fly there tend to use older aircraft that are mechanically simple and easy to maintain and are sturdy and highly reliable. They rank amongst the best pilots in the world as they fly on the smallest strips, with very little navigational aids and in the worlds worst weather. They call themselves Freight Dogs.

The Aircraft
The DHC2 Beaver is the perfect aircraft for the smallest strips and as it comes in an amphibian version (for water and runways) and a tundra wheel version (for real small strips) you will be able to land anywhere. Incredibly strong and versatile, this aircraft will get you into the smallest field. The Beech 18 is more suitable for the larger loads. With the two big radial engines and a load capacity that is only limited by the length of runway needed to take off, it will serve you perfectly in your role as Freight Dog. Both these aircraft have been designed over 50 years ago, but they are still needed as many bush pilots will tell you that there is no modern aircraft that can do what these aircraft can do. They are legends, but hard working legends. Real workhorses.

The Scenery
Freight Dogs do not need a 300 feet wide runway, with lighting, ILS, VASI and approach maps. A strip of flattened bush and they’ll land there. In fact, a Freight Dog landing at a major airport told his friends back home it was a very short but INCREDIBLY wide runway. To bring the cargo into the airfields of Freight Dogs in good weather you need to be a good navigator and an even better pilot. When you do the same in more normal, meaning lousy, weather you will find that you really need to know what you are doing. The six small airports (three in Alaska and three in Canada BC) are all so close together that your flights will be relatively short. There are two tarmac runways, two gravel runways and two sea plane bases and you will find that each of them has special difficulties. Most are hard to approach when the wind is not favorable because of high terrain and all are hard to find.

The Module
Now you got the airfields and the aircraft, you only need to be told where there is work for you. Freight Dogs get paid for hauling stuff around and FS Cargo will tell you what to pick up, where to take it and how long you got to do it. When you arrive at the airport you will see the cargo waiting for you, so taxi to it, load it and get it to the destination. Fs Cargo will keep track of your performance. Don’t confuse FS Cargo with a standard load manager as is part of many products, it’s not. This is a real extension of Flight Simulator.

Some additional information
Please note that the aircraft are basically similar to the full version of the aircraft that are sold, just some of the functions have been removed. FS Cargo is also nearly identical to the full version, although it lacks the editor that allows you to add airports; it is capable of loading the FS Cargo airport files created by others. Already hundreds are available. Great care has been taken to make the scenery compatible with other addons for the region and you will find that it merges seamlessly with addons as Misty Fjords.

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Microsoft Flugsimulator 2004 (Version 9.1 only)
Pentium 2.0 GHz or faster
512 MB RAM
CD-Drive (only for Box / CD-Version)
3D graphic card with at least 64 MB, recommended 128 MB
Sound card
Download Size: 110 MB
Installation Size: 300 MB

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