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The 310 first flew in 1954, and remained in production until 1980. Over the years, many models... more
Product information "MV 310"

The 310 first flew in 1954, and remained in production until 1980. Over the years, many models and modifications were made and the aircraft was flown by many around the world. The model depicted in this package is the 310. It has 2 IO-520-M engines producing 285hp each, 3 bladed Hartzell propellers and an assortment of cockpit/avionics suites. The aircraft is VFR/IFR capable and is suitable for entry level as well as the experienced pilot.

The 310's model depicted in this package is a highly detailed replica of its real-life counterpart. The model was created by using high quality digital photos and the high fidelity sounds off of a real C310R owned by one of our testers!


The aircraft has a max range of 1511 nautical miles, and a top speed of 207 knots so you can travel far and fast with ease.

Other outstanding features of this aircraft are:

  • 3 different VC setups one of which is fully customizable using your own gauge sets
  • 5 different liveries and more in free packs
  • High resolution paint kit
  • Highly detailed Pilots Operating Handbook: 116 pages written by a real pilot and includes all performance charts and figures. If you choose to, you can fly by the numbers, or fly as casual as you wish!
  • High quality sound set recorded from a real Cessna 310R, and programmed by Turbine Sound Studios.
  • Extremely realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects.
  • Flight dynamics tested and tuned by a real C310R pilot as well as other pilots. The aircraft flies just like its real world counterpart!
  • Avionics suites include but are not limited to: Garmin GTX 330, Garmin GNS 430, Garmin GNS 530, EDM 700 and any other 3rd party add-on avionics that you have purchased that you wish to install!
  • 2d panel available (16:9 only).
  • Aircraft features an exterior model manager that enables you to install/remove red gear, chocks, and show/hide the pilot (from external view only).
  • Ability to hide the yoke in 3D VC, or 2D cockpit enabling the pilot to access certain switches normally obscured from view by the yoke.
  • Several functional opening doors, compartments and functional inflatable main door seal.

Product Support: For all support please visit the MilViz Support Forum. Read the instructions there on how to get support access.

Awards/ Reviews:

Conclusion by
"For their first general aviation aircraft, MilViz has produced an excellent product with the Cessna 310R. Everything about the product is wonderful, from the included documentation, incredible looking exterior & interior textures, and awesome sound effects to the very realistic flight model and aircraft systems. If you are in the market for a twin engine aircraft for FSX, you will be very happy with the MilViz Cessna 310R."

Read review

Conclusion by Angelique van Campen:
"Overall this MilViz Cessna C310R is a great GA aircraft that should be parked in your hangar!"

Read review (PDF)

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration Pack and FSX GOLD/Deluxe (for the G1000's to function), FSX:Steam and P3D V2-V4
Windows XP / Vista or 7
Processor (dual core CPU): 2,6 GHz
512 MB dedicated video RAM
Download-Size: 100 MB
Installations-Size: 300 MB

Additional downloads:
Manual (English): >> Download here << (15 MB)

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Version 4.171127:

  • Fuel Flow gauge in P3D is fixed to reflect consumption
  • Tail Beacon attached and effect revised to remain in closer proximity to the rudder
  • Cockpit sounds for door seal and fuel pump in order
  • C310 Logic for magneto's and startup routine supported in updated panel.cfg

Version 4.170808:

  • Fixed EDM issue in P3D V4

Version 4.170727:

  • P3D V4 compatibility
  • Fixed induced drag at high speed
  • Revised and improved performance model: SEP, energy diagrams, fuel consumption
  • Improved bobweight model and increased Nz authority.
  • Fixed EGT: maximum value will be reached at 100% RPM (Mil/AB)
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