Aerosoft A318/A319 professional - Update

The Prepar3D V4.3 add-on "Aerosoft A318/A319 professional" has been updated to version Following changes have been made:

Version - EXPERIMENTAL (full new build):
(please note the skip in version numbers is due to make them the same as the A320/A321)     

  • Fixed webconnect not working for users who did not have the A318/A319 installed
  • Inserted the lower volume sound for wind and wipers as was used for the A318/A319
  • Corrected parking codes in aircraft.cfg
  • Corrected thumbnails used in livery manager
  • Changed descend behavior to use a bit steeper angle to maintain momentum
  • Changed climb behavior for A321 IAE
  • Corrected Eazyjet serial placard
  • Updated METAR decoding for AOC menu's, still some work open
  • Fixed EGT indication for CFM engine
  • BA now Speedbird for ATC
  • Cargo door speed animation corrected
  • Reduced pitch sensitivity that causesd issues for some configurations
  • Zoom and pan options made possible in all VC views.
  • Fixed climb constraints indications and autopilot respecting them
  • Cockpit printer: Zulu date/time now used instead of sim current time
  • Adding contrails that were missing from some types
  • Changes in sim METAR decoding
  • Tweaks to drag factor
  • Fix for web connect, Do note there are now TWO web connect apllication:
    • A3XXConnectPro_A320A321 and A3XXConnectPro_A318A319
    • Both are installed in this update!
    • Fixes in GA PERF page
  • Added code to avoid CTD
  • Fix for dissapearing climb constraints after passing waypoints
  • Added fields to LoadSheet for FMGS
  • Misc fixes in AIDS PRINT
  • Cockpit printer: added the loadsheet printout, being activated after the pax boarding complete
  •  Changes in MCDU text colors


  • Wiper sounds reduced in volume
  • Gear wind sound reduced in volume awaiting better ideas (by forum user luke123452468)
  • MCDU tweaks:
    • The F-PLN is scrolling continuously now
    • Diverse fixes in SPD page (time/utc font, V1 as a SPD value for departure airport)
    • Minor change in ATSU page
    • Flight Plan is cleared to early after rollout fixed
  • Fixes in Holdings:
    • Changed the related WPT sequencing on the F-PLN page (for HA and HF type database holdings)
    • Proper handling of newly introduced HA and HF type database holdings,
    • Including the automatic exit on corresponding conditions
    • Introduced the HA-type holdings from Navdatabase (beta!)
    • Some holdings (e.g. at departure) didn't load from Navdatabase
    • IMM EXIT was shown too early sometimes fixed
    • Introduced the HF-type holdings from Navdatabase (beta!)
    • Introduced the HM-type Holdings from Navdatabase (beta!)
    • Changes to some holding courses vs magnetic variation
  • Conflict in pax numbers solved
  • Configurator edited to avoid
  • View issue changed
  • Pitch Trim adapted
  • Divers Fuel ECAM fixes
  • Divers small changes in models/textures (new aircon and fuel panels)

Version - STANDARD:

  • Livery Manager updated
  • Tweaks to manuals
  • 'NEO' removed from identifier
  • Checklist, several issues solved and others changed as requested by customers:
    • Gear retraction
    • Timing EXT LIGHTS and WXR adjusted in TAXI CL
    • Light issue timing issue solved
    • Sounds worked on
    • Baro reference fixed
  • Holdings tweaks:
    • Hold deletion corrected
    • Resume issue solved
    • Minor change to IMM EXIT exit
    • Fix for incorrect distance to entry
    • TMPY INSERT added
  • MCDU tweaks:
    • Added message: "ENTER DEST DATA"
    • ATC button will be linked to AOC no more
    • CSTRs now can be deleted directly from F-PLN page
    • The ALT CSTR window (from database) persisted after a manual input
    • The VOR crs field in RAD NAV page stood empty after user input
    • Minor change in CHECK APPR SELECTION message
    • Minor changes in VERT REV page
    • VNAV angle change
    • EFOB/WIND change
  • One possible CTD issue solved
  • Engine spool up time reduced
  • Lower APU volume
  • Updated configurator
  • Wind shield wiper sounds updated


  • Tweak to checklist regarding exterior lights
  • Vol 9 fixes
  • MCDU tweaks:
    • Added message: "ENTER DEST DATA"
    • Change: ATC button will be linked to AOC no more
    • Change: CSTRs now can be deleted directly from F-PLN page
    • Fix: the ALT CSTR window (from database) persisted after a manual input
    • Fix: the VOR crs field in RAD NAV page stood empty after user input
    • Minor change in CHECK APPR SELECTION message
    • Minor changes in VERT REV page


  • New Company Route Editor
  • Fix for freezing displays
  • Diverse fixes and improvements for checklists
  • RAAS Pro now activated


  • Tweaks to onboard printer to solve issues with IVAO/VATSIm Weather and HOPPIE
  • Changes to PED announcement
  • Small tweaks to animation timing
  • Fixed possible hang condition on checklist (close door issue on forum)
  • Changes to loading sequence (possible effect on st elmo's fire issue)
  • Fix for fuel reset on multiple engine starts
  • Fix for posssile FADEC unpowered issue

Version - STANDARD:

  • Animation issue solved on A319 CFM window
  • All DLL's  recompiled with very latest SDK, might solve the St-Elmo's issue
  • Vol 9 manual corrected
  • Start menu item to livery manager added
  • Small tweak to StepbyStep


  • Online release for P3D V4.3

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