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  • AS11253
  • Aerosoft
  • Sim-wings
  • Deutsch/English/Espanol/Français
  • 1.01(FSX),1.01(FS9)
The scenery features exact coastlines, mesh and completely new designed airports as well as... more
Product information "Balearic Islands X"

The scenery features exact coastlines, mesh and completely new designed airports as well as photorealistic ground images covering the complete islands in a breathtaking resolution of 0,5m/pixel be it day or night in FSX. Also included is AESLite, bringing dynamic apron traffic as well as traffic to the surroundings of the airports.

All islands have been modeled to the smallest of details with numerous objects, houses, etc. Safegate parking systems as well as highly detailed AFCAD and or AFX files for AI traffic make it lively and highly realistic airports to fly to. This scenery is of course compatible with AES 2.0 in both FS2004 and FSX!

Islands included:

  • Ibiza
  • Formentera
  • Mallorca
  • Menorca



  • Completely new designed scenery
  • All international airports in extremely high detail and all buildings
  • Numerous static objects, such as push back trucks, stairs, etc.
  • Very busy dynamic apron traffic through AESLite
  • Dynamic AESLite vehicle traffic on roads surrounding the airports
  • Highly detailed AFCAD or AFX files for AI traffic
  • Photorealistic ground textures (day/night)
  • Safegate (Aircraft Parking and Information System)
  • Autogen objects (vegatation and houses) on the islands
  • General Aviation airport "Son Bonet" LESB and "San Luis" LESL
  • Fully supported by AES (Airport Enhancement Services)
  • FSX and FS2004 version included

Charts for the Balearic Islands X can be found at: You will need to register. Registration is free. The boxed version includes a set of printed charts.

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by
"How can I sum up Balearic Islands X? I personally believe that Aerosoft have done it again and developed a top notch scenery add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X that everyone can enjoy. It`s clear to that Aerosoft have some of the best scenery designers about today and I hope that they continue to develop and eventually make bigger and better products. Balearic Islands X was one of those products that you know is good but the question is...Should I? And the honest answer I can give would have to be you won`t be disappointed!"

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Conclusion by
"Aerosoft offers a large scenery for a reasonable price. The airports alone are well worth the money though I remain slightly disappointed with the textures on the rest of the island. My mark for the FS2004 version is good although it is helpful to use a faster PC. If you expect a real wow-feeling you will only get it with the FSX version and a fast computer.

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Conclusion by (Mallorca):
"The combination of high detail airports that sit on a complete island of hi resolution photoreal textures makes it in my view a complete destination for flying...Technically Mallorca takes scenery to a new level in FSX by combining both high quality and high detail airport sceneries with a large photoreal area..."

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Conclusion by (Menorca):
"Another quality release that completes the Balearic Islands series. If you are looking for hi resolution photo real scenery for FSX and haven’t dabbled with it up to now, you couldn’t go too far wrong with this scenery. It has the best of hi detail photo real airports with all the bells and whistles and then gives you 650 square kilometers of VFR flying... Most importantly, Menorca X is a fun place to fly, drive or sail to the point I elected to conclude my visit by taking a ferry back to Mallorca rather than flying."

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Conclusion by (Ibiza):
"When you have islands, you have water and Aerosoft have clearly not forgotten this. They have made good use of color to give you the perception of shallow versus deep; this is especially evident along the beaches and in the shallows. The surrounding warm waters of the Mediterranean serve both as a playground for tourists and a source of livelihood for the regular inhabitants of the islands. To bring the waters to life there is lots of AI boat traffic. You can also watch or follow the ferry as it makes its regular runs between Ibiza and Formentera."

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System requirements for FSX:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or SP2)
Windows XP / Vista
3.0 Ghz Processor (Duo2Core Intel advised)
3D graphics card with at least 256 MB
Download-Size: 5.9 GB
Installation-Size: 6.7 GB

System requirements for FS2004:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Version 9.1)
Windows XP / Vista
SingleCore 3.0 Ghz Processor (or Duo2Core 2.4 Ghz)
512 MB RAM
3D graphics card with 256 MB
Download-Size: 429 MB
Installation-Size: 2.7 GB

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