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T.Flight Rudder Pedals
Projector - Thrustmaster - T.Flight Rudder Pedals
The Thrustmaster Flight Rudder Pedals are designed for all users and compatible on PC with all joysticks on the market. They are also compatible on PS4™ with the T.Flight Hotas 4 joystick. With the first rudder to feature the S.M.A.R.T...
  €75.62 *
Y-280CPX Gaming Headset
Projector - Thrustmaster - Y-280CPX Gaming Headset
Universal stereo gaming headset: the new headset generation featuring amplified bass-enhanced performance! Please note: This product is a projector/refusal with one year warranty. Universal headset for a full compatibility: Optimized...
  €37.81 *
T.Flight Hotas X
Projector - Thrustmaster - T.Flight Hotas X
The joystick with detachable throttle control and direct configuration for immediate takeoff!! Entirely Programmable PC and PS3! Please note: This product is a projector/refusal with one year warranty. Features: Detachable, real-size and...
  €45.37 *
GF-RP48 Mouse Push Button Rotary
Projector - GoFlight - RP48 Mouse Push Button...
One of the major issues to suspending reality within flight simulation is that the mouse is in the cockpit. There is no place to really put the mouse and it just gets in the way. Not anymore! GoFlight Technologies has come up with the...
  €128.56 *
Projector - VRInsight Tact & Toggle Switch Panel (TT Panel)
Projector - VRInsight Tact & Toggle Switch...
The Tact & Toggle Switch Panel is a compact unit to control any function available from ALL simulators and games capable of handling digital joystick inputs. Please note: This product is a projector/refusal with one year warranty. Plug &...
  €143.69 *
VRInsight V320 Overhead
Projector - VRInsight V320 Overhead
The V320 Overhead fully implements all function of the forward overhead panel of A320 in Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. The V320 Overhead features A320 modern jet-liner’s forward overhead panel for flight simulation software, Microsoft’s...
  €1,210.08 *
Projector - GoFlight - Pro Yoke System
Projector - GoFlight - Pro Yoke System
The GF-Pro Yoke System is built with precision manufacturing to ensure the most authentic flight among desk top yoke systems. These units are all built with sturdy cast aluminum handle, while the chassis is made of durable steel sheet...
  €695.79 *
GF-TPM Throttle Pitch Mixture Module
Projector - GoFlight - TPM Throttle Pitch...
Get realistic control of your single engine aircraft! Please note: This product is a projector/refusal with one year warranty. Quick Highlights: Control the throttle, pitch, and mixture like when you’re flying a single engine plane. This...
  €189.07 *
GF-TWR (grey)
Vorführgerät - GoFlight - TWR (grey)
The Three-Wide Rack is the most convenient GoFlight rack to date. It can sit on a desk, under a monitor, it is stackable and can even be used as a support base for the GF-MCP Pro. It will accommodate 3 GoFlight 4" modules. Please note:...
  €151.25 *
Projector - VRinsight - Micro ProPit
Projector - VRinsight - Micro ProPit
The Micro ProPit is a portable instrument panel for propeller aircraft. Real knobs and push buttons provide the user an ultimately realistic flight experience with instant setup. Please note: This product is a projector/refusal with one...
  €325.20 *
CH Eclipse Yoke USB
CH Products
Projector - CH Products - Eclipse Yoke USB
Command the skies with the new follower of the CH Flight Sim Yoke. The CH Eclipse Yoke has been enhanced with many new features like fully programmable fingertip paddles, new buttons, switches and much more. Please note: This product is...
  €166.38 *
Projector - CH Products - Fighterstick USB
CH Products
Projector - CH Products - Fighterstick USB
The Fighterstick USB includes 3 axis and 24 buttons, including X,Y and Z axis for Aileron, Elevator, and Throttle control. Switch between three modes for a total of 176 programmable functions with the included Control Manager software....
  €121.00 *
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