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All gauges are synchronized with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, supporting MSFS original and... more
Product information "VRinsight - ProPit"

All gauges are synchronized with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, supporting MSFS original and add-on aircrafts. Gauges are with full functional rotation knobs, push buttons and GPS giving for users to be experienced the most enthusiastic flight.

It is completely interfaced with MSFS9 and MSFSX through add-on software “SerialFP2, the ProPit enables full simulation with simple connecting PC through USB. Package including TFT LCD Monitor.


  • 20.1” TFT LCD monitor
  • Same functionality and externality with real Propel type aircraft cockpit.
  • Full metal cases
  • One year warranty
  • Gauges on the panel :
    • SPEED indicator
    • ALTITUDE indicator with position bar setting rotary knob
    • ALTIMERTER with BARO setting rotary knob
    • HEADING indicator with heading bug and gyro rotary knob
    • VERTICAL SPEED indicator
    • VOR1 indicator with OBS rotary knob
    • VOR2 indicator with OBS rotary knob
    • ADF indicator with HDG rotary knob
    • FUEL/OIL gauge
    • CLOCK
    • GPS with push buttons and rotary knob (GPS500 model)
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