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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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  • AS16017
  • Rksoftware
  • 3.0.3
What can you do with FStarter? Teleporting will let you explore and move around in the... more
Product information "Rksoftware - FStarter for MSFS"

What can you do with FStarter?

  • Teleporting will let you explore and move around in the wonderful MSFS world in a fast and easy way
  • Select and start a flight from any of MSFS's 400+ 3D Cities, 150K+ non-3D Cities, MSFS's 1000+ POIs / Landmarks or own defined POIs / Landmarks, at selected altitude, heading and speed
  • Start your flight, in the air or from the ground
  • Add POIs / Landmarks of locations selected from maps
  • Add POIs / Landmarks at the location of an active MSFS flight situations
  • POIs can be defined at:
    • Your house, your school, your cabin, etc.
    • At any airport runway ready for takeoff or at an airport Gate/Ramp
    • In an Airport Traffic Pattern situation, like Final, Downwind, Base, Entry with altitude, distance(km or miles) and speed settings to  any airport
    • Any type of flight situation, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Approach, Landing
  • Start an active flight from a new location selected in a map or at a POI
  • Set altitude, heading, speed and time  to alter the flight situation
  • Train approaches and landings to any airport and runway
  • Start you flight from a field, shoreline, top of your house, start anywhere from a MAP location
  • Save flight and start flights with complete MSFS data
  • Adjust Time in real time

How to install and run FStarter?

  • Run FStarter Setup.exe and install it to a FStarter directory
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Version 3.0.3:

  • Fixed bugs for user with regional settings that use comma as decimal delimiter
  • Fixed bug in Airport map
  • Fixed crash for some users when opening OSM map
  • Added MSFS airports to OSM map

Version 2.9.0:

  • Fixed: some bugs preventing full usage of FStarter
  • Added: new map features for more easy teleporting
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