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OnAir: Airline Manager is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) with a persistent world that... more
Product information "OnAir: Airline Manager - 6 Months Access"

OnAir: Airline Manager is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) with a persistent world that runs in real-time. As the core, it is a traditional tycoon with traditional tycoon elements like a skill tree and increasing difficulty levels. Designed for flight simmers AND tycoon enthusiasts!

The user starts an airline and tries to grow it to a larger airline. You start by renting a small aircraft and transporting some good. If you are a flight simmer you can fly these missions yourself, if you are not, you can hire a virtual pilot and have him fly it. Do check the weather (yes, real-time weather) because taking a job and not being able to complete it can be costly!

Subscriptions and pricing:

Subscription: Content: Price*:
OnAir: Airline Manager - 1 Month Access Subscription for 31 days   9,90 €  (8,32 € net)
OnAir: Airline Manager - 3 Months Access Subscription for 3 months   18,00 € (15,13 € net)
OnAir: Airline Manager - 12 Months Access Subscription for 1 year 42,00 € (35,29 € net)
OnAir: Airline Manager - 24 Months Access Subscription for 2 years 72,00 € (60,50 € net)

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When you receive your code, you will need to insert it on the OnAir server: https://www.onair.company/my-account/

As you start to make money you are also gaining experience points that you can use in the skill tree to allow you to train your pilots, get a license to transport passenger and dozens of other skills. Slowly but steadily, you will be able to buy or lease larger aircraft; thus, enabling completely new challenges. If you buy an expensive aircraft, you need to plan maintenance (and that costs a small fortune) and it needs to fly a lot. You will also need multiple crew members (including cabin crew) and you'll need to start thinking about where you'd like to place them. If they are not at their home airport you will need to pay hotels. If you need to relocate them, you can decide to send a small aircraft or buy tickets for them. Or…. ask one of your friends to take them.

To be successful in the game you need friends. You are not alone in the world. You can compete with all other users or you build up strategic alliances where you support each other. You can ask others to fly your missions, you can fly part of a mission to avoid getting your aircraft too far from their home base and let your friends complete it. If you got room in your aircraft and fly roughly in the right direction pick up the cargo of your friend and drop it off.

As the system is written to give the user an incredible freedom. You can start a company that specializes in medical transports, or in flying horses around to big events. You can even not fly at all and try to make money with an FBO selling services, repairs, and fuel to other companies. Or why not try to pick up all the best paying jobs and offer them to other companies for a slightly lower amount? Or buy a lot of aircraft and lease them to other companies? OnAir

OnAir has a big smartphone component (Android and Android. Not only can you track the progress of your company, but you can also keep following the mission market making sure you have first pick of the most valuable missions. Although you can ‘pause’ your game (at a cost) the world moves on so it will pay off to keep an eye on the world.

OnAir Company, our career add-on for all your flight simulators has grown a lot since the first companies were started. Over 1,5 million flights done by pilots have been logged and another 2 million are flown by bots controlled by the users. With this, the complexity has also grown so we have decided to create a video series explaining all aspects. Keep in mind you can try OnAir for free to see if competing in a persistent real-time world!

Go to the video series: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxjsL14u1YdA9HHWMouN9nA

7-Day Free Trial
Start your own Airline Company today with the 7-Day free trial!


  • Persistent real-time world. It never stops, 24/7, with real-time weather, real-world events. It’s alive.
  • Many roles are possible. Managing an airline or FBO (selling maintenance, fuel, and even aircraft), fly as a pilot, try to find the most profitable jobs and have other airlines fly them, etc. We build the world; you need to decide how to use it.
  • Designed with player interaction in mind. Strategic alliances between player possible. Code sharing. You got an aircraft you are not using, rent it out to your friends!
  • Hire people. You can have your friends work for your company or hire AI bots.
  • Gain skills. Make your company more efficient or being able to handle more complex tasks by using your skill point on the Skill Tree. From a license to do medical flights to better skill in hiring cabin crew.
  • Manage your company using the special Smartphone app. If you have multiple aircraft flying long distances you can monitor their flights.
  • Logistic Center that has thousands of assignments ready. Never again wonder where you are going to fly. Just pick an assignment and go fly!
  • All airport, most aircraft. You can fly from every airport in the world in almost all generally used aircraft. You can even add aircraft if you are willing to do a check ride in a simulator so we can measure its performance.
  • A simulation for flight simmers AND tycoon enthusiasts. Fully designed to be used with or without a connected simulator! Compatible with all versions of FSX, P3D, XPlane 11 and the Microsoft Flight Simulator. There is no difference in gameplay between sim-connected and not connected versions. Same world, same interaction.
  • OnAir is a simulation that installed on your own system, it is not an internet application.
  • Free web companion (https://companion.onair.company/)

For simulator users:

  • All your flights are monitored in detail and logged into the system using a very clever system that needs almost no attention
  • Allows time compression
  • Allows flights to be stopped and resumed later
  • Compatible with all add-ons
  • No measurable impact on framerates

Guide and manual can be found here: https://www.onair.company/docs/onair-airline-manager/

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  • Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • i3 Core processor
  • 1 GB graphics card
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • 100 MB diskspace
  • 1024 x 768 minimum resolution
  • Valid e-mail address and an internet connection is required to play the game!

When OnAir is used as an add-on for a simulator, the system requirements are identical to those for the respective simulator. Compatible with:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4+
  • Laminar Research X-Plane 11
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)
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