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BR151 ORot Fakks

Train Simulator 2017
€10.03 *

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  • AS11703
  • Virtual Railroads
  • Deutsch / English
  • 1.00
The package contains the german freight locomotive BR151 in an oriental livery. Two driveable... more
Product information "BR151 ORot Fakks"

The package contains the german freight locomotive BR151 in an oriental livery. Two driveable locomotives; one with the RW dynamic number system, the other one with a number belonging to a locomotive from Germany.

The included freight wagon Fakks 127 is a special hopper car used in Germany for the transport of bulk freight such as sand, gravel and moisture-insensitive freights. The eight waggons come with two different liveries and four different loadings. All wagons use the RW dynamic number system and have a very realistic sound.

Four scenarios are included for the route Hagen-Siegen:

Scenario 1 / Heavy Freight to Altena
You drive a freight train from Kreuztal to Altena with the orientred BR151

  • Hagen Siegen
  • Level middel
  • Duration 60 min.

Scenario 2 / Construction site
You are driving a freight train with construction materials to Hagen-Kabel.

  • Hagen Siegen
  • Level middel
  • Duration 40 min.

2 x Free Roamin scenarios for Hagen Siegen

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Train Simulator
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor (CPU): 2,6 GHz or better
Memory: min. 2 GB RAM
Additions: DirectX: 9.0c or higher
Download-Size: 55 MB

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