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  • AS51020
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Take place in the interiors of Class E41 and the control unit BDnf 738! Drive the Class E41 and... more
Product information "JTG - BDnf/E41 Scenario Package"

Take place in the interiors of Class E41 and the control unit BDnf 738!

Drive the Class E41 and BDnf738 in 5 scenarios:
Three of them between Karlsruhe and Frankfurt, two other require your skills on the beautiful Freiburg – Basel route. In this scenarios you’ll drive special rides of the Deutsche Bahn Stiftung for travelling operators to the border between Germany and Swiss. Between Karlsruhe and Frankfurt you’ll take some concert goers to their destinations.


  • Authentic german announcements in the trains
  • 5 varied scenarios
  • Specially developed for TrainSimulator 2019 64 Bit

Additional TS add-ons are required:

  • Freiburg – Basel (AS)
  • Mannheim – Karlsruhe (DTG)
  • Frankfurt High Speed (DTG)
  • vR BDnf738/E41
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Train Simulator
Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Core2Duo with at least 2.8 GHz or similar
Main memory: 4.0 GB
3D graphics with at least 512 MB
500 MB free hard disk space
Download-Size: 26 MB

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