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Due to the current semiconductor shortage, the manufacturer is unfortunately forced to stop production for the time being. Therfore the Honeycomb products will only be available again in autumn.

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  • Honeycomb
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With the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, Honeycomb Aeronautical presents a universally usable...más
Información del producto "Honeycomb - Bravo Throttle Quadrant"

With the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, Honeycomb Aeronautical presents a universally usable all-in-one cockpit system. The throttle quadrant allows for configurations from small single-engine planes to four-engine airliners. It supports various cockpit systems like autopilot, annunciator panel, gear switch, flaps, and trim.

The thrust levers can be configured for small single- and multi-engine planes with separate flap switches. For use in an airliner you can choose a configuration with two or four thrust levers, levers for spoiler and flaps. This will then also allow you to control the thrust reverser.

Download the latest Honeycomb Config Tool here:

Here you find various videos with explanations, tips and tutorials for Honeycomb's Alpha Flight Controls & Bravo Throttle Quadrant:

The autopilot panel includes the usual functions as can be found in commercial and GA aircraft. The annunciator panel with 14 signal lights shows the most important status and warning messages of the board systems.

Additional features are provided by the gear switch, the trim wheel, and 7 freely programmable switches so the user does not need to reach out to the keyboard as often.


  • Throttle quadrant for GA planes and airliners
  • Configuration options for single and multiple engines
  • Configuration options for piston and jet engines
  • Thrust reverser for two- and four-engine aircraft
  • Extensive autopilot
  • Annunciator panel with 14 lights
  • Gear switch and trim wheel
  • 2 programmable keys
  • 5-year warranty and free lifetime support
  • Mounting points and brackets for other Honeycomb and Saitek products
  • Designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers

Compatible with:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D)
  • X-Plane 11 (XP)


Conclusion by X-Plained.com:
"Back to the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant; only one word fits it all; awesome piece of hardware! Although the name suggest that we’re dealing with a throttle device for flight simulators, it actually offers much more then only a throttle unit. Besides throttles for GA single and multi aircraft, it also comes with a set for commercial aircraft and it also offers an annunciator light panel and AP panel."

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Enlaces de continuación a "Honeycomb - Bravo Throttle Quadrant"
  • USB port
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit) or macOS (Catalina+)
  • Compatible with: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3-V5, X-Plane 11

Honeycomb Config Tool V2 | Version 2.1.0:
Important: Before you uninstall the old version, please be sure to export your profiles to a save place!

  • Fixed bug where sim could potentially crash on exit due to device dis-/reconnect
  • Fixed mix-up for aileron and rudder trim assignments
  • Refined in-sim missing profile message logic
  • Removed "Unit" field in Configurator (now part of "Variable" name, if necessary)
  • Added multi profile import in Configurator
  • Added logic to advise for non-existant variables/datarefs/commandrefs
  • Added "Master" LED functionality, so all LEDs can e.g. stay off when there is no electricity available
  • Added "Reload All Bindings" menu item
  • Added ability to add multiple press and release events and name them
  • Added ability to add relative variables values with optional boundaries (prefixed by +=/-= in value field)
  • Added three step repeat functionality (Normal - Delayed Normal - Delayed Fast)
  • FSX/P3D:
    • *PMDG only: for correct functioning re-download current revised PMDG profiles*
    • Fixed bug where local variables without unit could not be read out as ConditionVariable
    • Fixed bug with "ENG OIL PRESSURE" in default Bravo throttle profile
    • Added logic to advise for non-existant local variables in profiles ("yes" to keep using this variable, "no" to discard this variable, "cancel" to stop checking)
      -> Profiles are loaded on a 10 second delay after aircraft change to allow for correct initialization of all local variables    
  • X-Plane:
    • Fixed bug with wrong indexing for "sim/flightmodel2/gear/deploy_ratio" in default Bravo throttle profile (gear LEDs)
    • Fixed bug where custom commandRefs/dataRefs could not be found on inital automatic loading
    • Fixed Windows Installer Bugs
    • Fixed MacOs Gatekeeper Bug
      -> Profiles are loaded on a 3 second delay after aircraft change to allow for correct initialization of all commandRefs/dataRefs
    • Added XPLM_USE_NATIVE_WIDGET_WINDOWS for better visual representation of info messages  

Honeycomb Config Tool | Version 2.1.0 | Only MSFS Version:

  • Compiled against latest SDK 0.9
  • Fixed bug with "ENG OIL PRESSURE" variable in default Bravo throttle profile
  • LEDs stay off when there is no electric current present

Honeycomb Config Tool | Version 2.0.2 | Only Mac Version:

  • Fixed some Mac Gatekeeper Bugs (Application, xpl, and dylibs are now signed by Apple)
  • Fixed hidapi exclusive mode (Problem that you can't see the Throttle in the X-Plane settings)

Honeycomb Config Tool | Version

  • Fixed Installation Problem (Wrong path of the exe.xml in the MS Store Version)
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