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Thrustmaster - T.Flight Hotas X

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  • AS10997
  • Thrustmaster
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The joystick with detachable throttle control and direct configuration for immediate takeoff!!...más
Información del producto "Thrustmaster - T.Flight Hotas X"

The joystick with detachable throttle control and direct configuration for immediate takeoff!! Entirely Programmable PC and PS3!


  • detachable, real-size and ergonomically-designed throttle control
  • high-precision joystick with adjustable resistance
  • wide hand-rest for optimal comfort
  • weighted base for greater stability
  • the 12 buttons and 5 aces are entireky programmable
  • trigger for brakes (civil flight) or for rapid fire (military flight) multi-directional hat (panoramic view)
  • exclusive 'MAPPING'-button: all functions may be instantly switched around between each other
  • exclusive 'PRESET'-button: to switch, while playing, instantly from one programme to another
  • dual-system aerodynamic control: by rotating handle (with integrated blocking system) or by progressive titting lever
  • internal memory: to save all of your programming, even with the joystick diconnected
  • Plug & Play for ultra-simple and fast installation with all functions pre-configured for immediate takeoff
  •  configurations by default:
    •  PC: Flight Simulator X Microsoft®, the most popular flight simulator
    •  PC: Microsoft® Flight
    •  PC: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X Ubisoft®
    •  PC: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.2 Ubisoft®


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