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TEE - Trans Europ Express & the "Gray Mouse"

Train Simulator 2020
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The RAe TEE II 1053 is a six-part electric multiple unit. They were once the kings of the...más
Información del producto "TEE - Trans Europ Express & the "Gray Mouse""

The RAe TEE II 1053 is a six-part electric multiple unit.

They were once the kings of the European rail network and the epitome of sophisticated travel: The Trans Europ Express trains TEE. The lovingly restored luxury train with 210 seats invites you to extraordinary journeys of discovery on all routes of your Train Simulator.

The first of these multiple units came on the rails in 1961 as a 5-part luxury train. The middle car with the electrical equipment, in the middle with a luxurious dining car, for that time new, free seating and a bar counter, at both ends a driver's cab, this is how this train, thanks to its electric drive, appeared.

The RAe-TEE immediately entered international traffic. With a 4-day circulation he ran:

  • As TEE "Gottardo" from Zurich to Milano
  • As TEE "Cisalpin" from Milano to Paris
  • As a TEE "Cisalpin" back from Paris to Milano
  • As TEE "Ticino" from Milano to Zurich

And this, unique at the time, without stopping at the national borders. Like no other SBB train, it embodies the design and spirit of the 1950s and 1960s.


The trains of this package
Included are the RAe_TEE 1151 - 1155 and the RABe_EC 1151-1155, i.e. the versions from the time as Trans-Europ-Express and the time after the conversion to Euro-City. In very rare cases you could see both vehicles together, namely during the remodeling time, when the first conversions were finished and the last ones were not yet completed. This package offers you these options.

Standard Scenarios

  • GPE_24 TEE - Touristic tour of the Uri region
  • Description: Takeover of the train at Axenberg, drive to the Gotthard tunnel + Stop at all stations and sight
  • GPE_25 TEE Gottardo and gray mouse in parallel
  • Description: Drive train to platform, then TEE and gray mouse drive heading uphill Göschenen, TEE on the left track, the mouse on the right. Encounters on the way.
  • GPE_26 2 mice in double traction
  • Description: Sunday evening, busy, EC in double traction; Train takeover in Göschenen and drive to Flüelen
  • GPE_27 Tell-Express with historical TEE
  • Description: Empty trip to Flüelen, picking up passengers, then non-stop trip to Göschenen

"Free Roam":

  • FSp_15 - TEE start in Flüelen
  • FSp_16 - TEE start in Erstfeld
  • FSp_17 - TEE start in Göschenen
  • FSp_18 - TEE in winter in Göschenen

QuickDrive: TEE and gray mouse can also be driven in "Quick Drive".

Enlaces de continuación a "TEE - Trans Europ Express & the "Gray Mouse""

Train Simulator +  Gotthard Panorama Express (for the scenarios)
Windows 8 / 10 (64-bit)
3.0 GHz PC or other dual core processor
8.0 GB RAM
Direct X 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1024 MB video memory
250 MB free hard disk space


  • Pantograph height corrected
  • Ground shadow TEE added
  • Light distance corrected
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