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Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded

Train Simulator 2020
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  • AS50810
  • Aerosoft
  • SAD Railsim
  • Deutsch/English
The add-on „Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded“ is a continued development of the freeware...más
Información del producto "Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded"

The add-on „Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded“ is a continued development of the freeware route Altenburg-Wildau. The current version 3 reloaded 2019 of the addon especially took the customers’ wishes that occurred out of long using experience into account.

The goal was to create additional possibilities for sceneries. The newest versions of the signal systems H/V and Ks of the signal team in version 8 as well as semaphore signals by the RLB team have been integrated. For a reliable PZB as well as speed check sections, the system of virtual Railroads, Schienenbus and TrainTeam Berlin have been included. Everywhere where it was necessary, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz-magnets have been built.

This version of “Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded” includes several new features and extensions. ICE high speed lines, on which rides with a speed of up to 200 km/h during LZB operations are possible, have been added. The new marshalling yard Altenburg-Nord offers additional opportunities to design sceneries.

Geographically it could be somewhere situated in the greater area of Trier, Germany. During two years of work, the developer has created a phantasy route which seems to fit reality perfectly.

The new version has an own route folder in Train Simulator, so that users of the previous version are able to keep on using it.


The add-on is set in the years after 2000, a time where the local railroads have left the tracks to rot and where maintenance was an unknown word. Stop stations and former stations are under a growth of vegetation. Tracks are overgrown, etc. Modern shelter huts are right beside old and abandoned station buildings, switch towers come with broken windows as the new dispatch centers have taken over.

Everything that reminds the rail enthusiast of the high time in railroads is shown in this add-on but not in woefulness but with a wink of the eye. Life goes on and nature is claiming back its terrain.

Be entranced on a trip of more than 22 km from Koeblitz to Wildau. Discover the lovingly created scenes and landscapes to the right and left of the tracks. Experience high-speed rides on the revised ICE line from Bad Rinckenburg to Altenburg, which is 20 km long. Discover two museum lines, where there is lively operation on rusty rails – the past of trains is kept alive here.

Drive on the electrified main line and stand up to the many challenges such as: unfenced level crossing, steep climbs and speed restrictions which will demand your whole concentration. You have to drive a scheduled regional train and try and keep up with the time and obey all signals. This add-on will teach you every aspect of rail operation.

The developer Roman Glos has placed correct signals on the right spots whereas Mathias Grundlach and his team have provided German signals. The EL signals have been kindly contributed by virtualRailroads. RailTraction contributed the LZB triggers, so that now LZB rides on the high-speed railway line are possible.

To increase the realism, announcements in train stations and trains as well as displays of the train’s destiny and an improved new weather system have been built into the sceneries.

German Railroads and 3DZug have contributed the fleet:
A version of the series 143, one Köf II series 323 in various colors as well as the mint colored n-waggon with navigable control car BDnrzf, freight wagon Omm52, and the Bage museum wagons.

Moreover, winter textures have been added and the sound backdrop has been improved in the included vehicles.


  • 140 km of challenging virtual railroad
  • About 100 km of electrified main and side routes
  • About 20 km of two museum lines
  • About 20 km of high-speed lines between Bad Rinckenburg and Altenburg
  • New route section Bad Rinckenburg – Hoch Merzburg Süd on 35 km
  • Wonderfully created new vegetation, close to reality buildings and old railway systems
  • Experience the daily life of a train driver in 11 challenging tasks with several trains
  • All tasks with train and train station announcements, as well as dialogs between dispatcher and driver
  • 12 quickdrive sceneries (quick game) with AI traffic
  • Additional revised roll material with winter texturing: BR143, BR323 Köf II, n-wagon with navigable control wagon BDnrzf, Bage museum wagon, Omm 52 freight wagon
  • ICE line from Bad Rinckenburg to Altenburg with polyline influence
  • New signaling including the newest signals from Signal- and RLB team
  • PZB- and GPA magnets
  • Marshalling yard Altenburg-Nord and extension in Bad Rinckenburg
  • More modern and revised train stations
  • New depot and storage sidings with maintenance hall in Hoch Merzburg
  • Improved lightning
  • Revised track system including new crossings (e.g. calling barriers)
  • New weather system
  • New sound backdrop for the 3D tracks

Important information for users of the old version:
The new version “Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded” is published as an own new route for the Train Simulator. The old version “Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3” is still available and useable. The developers decided upon this solution, so that the old version’s sceneries would still be useable.

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Train Simulator with European Loco & Asset Pack
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 or higher (64 bit)
2.6 GHz Processor, Dual Core or similar
6 GB free hard disk space
Dedicated graphics card with at least 1024 MB, DirectX 9.0c
Download-Size: 1.4 GB

All customers of the previous version of "Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded" get the new update 2 for free.

Customers of the older version "Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3" are not entitled to this new version for free.

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