Holiday Airports

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The ground textures are based on a high detailed areal image. All buildings, lighting systems,...más
Información del producto "Holiday Airports"

The ground textures are based on a high detailed areal image. All buildings, lighting systems, navigation beacons have been modeled to the smallest of details including all buildings and airport institutions. All features of these airports are shown in an up to date virtual replica for FSX and FS2004.

This package contains 4 of the most beautiful holiday-airports for FSX and FS2004*:

  • Antalya
  • Faro
  • Kos
  • Monastir

All sceneries have an exact elevation model with many objects surrounding the airports, i.e. hotels, ships, boats, a fortress in Monastir, etc. Dynamic objects such as vehicles on the apron or swaying palm trees create this special holiday feeling. Static aircraft can be de-activated to make room for the AI traffic. Each airport has its own southern charm, especially showing through the wonderful night textures.


  • All buildings and airport institutions
  • Dynamic and animated objects
  • High resolution day- and night textures
  • Photorealistic textures on buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Docking systems
  • Dynamic vehicle traffic on the airports (and surrounding)
  • Fully compatible to the standard AI traffic and traffic add-ons such as MyTrafficX

*As a bonus this package includes the airports of Faro, Kos and Monastir out of the LTU 2005 / Airbus Holiday Destinations package for FS2004. Antalya for FS2004 is a complete new re-built version. Please note that not all mentioned features above are included in the FS2004 version.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or SP2) or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Windows 7 / 8
Intel Core 2 Duo (Core 2 Quad recommended)
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Direct X 9 compatible graphics card with minimal 512 MB
Download-Size: 385 MB (FSX) / 96 MB (FS9)
Installations-Size: 900 MB (FSX) / 180 MB (FS9)

Holiday Airports 2 Holiday Airports 2
  30,45 € *
Weeze X Weeze X
  16,22 € *
Monastir X Monastir X
  15,20 € *
German Airports 1 German Airports 1
  40,62 € *
Antarctica X Antarctica X
  35,57 € *
Erfurt X Erfurt X
  16,22 € *
Scenery Germany 1 Scenery Germany 1
  8,12 € *
Wonderful Madeira Wonderful Madeira
  13,17 € *
German Airports 4 / 2004 German Airports 4
  40,62 € *
Monaco X Monaco X
  18,25 € *
Gibraltar X Gibraltar X
  19,27 € *
VFR Berlin 2006 VFR Berlin 2006
  10,12 € *
Madeira X Evolution Madeira X Evolution
  26,43 € *
Norilsk X Norilsk X
  18,25 € *
Andras Field Andras Field
  17,79 € *
Antalya X Antalya X
  18,25 € *
FSDG - Beziers FSDG - Beziers
  12,10 € *
Zagreb professional Zagreb professional
  25,37 € *
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