Faro X

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  • AS11767
  • Aerosoft
  • Aerosoft
  • Deutsch / English
  • 1.01(FSX),3.02(FS9)
Fantasticos detalles, efectos y animaciones mas objetos especialmente diseñados para el...más
Información del producto "Faro X"

Fantasticos detalles, efectos y animaciones mas objetos especialmente diseñados para el escenario te daran la sensacion de estar alli. Texturas de suelo tratadas especialmente integran el aeropuerto en el escenario por defecto de FSX.


  • Texturas fotorreales y objetos 3D
  • Texturas del aeropuerto en alta resolucion
  • Compatible con AES
  • Texturas de los alrededores del terreno
  • Pasarelas animadas
  • Sistema AGNIS animado
  • Aviones y vehiculos detallados especialmente creados para este aeropuerto
  • Texturas y efectos de noche excelentes
  • Luces de pista, aproximacion y plataforma en 3D
  • Animaciones numerosas
  • Trafico AI con aerolineas tipicas

Premios / Artículos:

Conclusión por Avsim.com:
"Faro X and Kos X are both nicely rendered airports. From what I saw at both airports they shared similar libraries (meaning that I saw the same items at both airports), but at the same time both airports are very different. If you have Santorini X, Kos X is only a short flight away in which you can carry a few passengers across in your JS41 or explore the island in depth in a Piper Cub or a similar smaller aircraft. The asking price for both these add-ons is around $20USD, which in my opinion, is a fair asking price for what you get. The airports will not be the most detailed you have seen, but they are a major step up from the default airports. I will continue to use both of these airports for future flights."

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Conclusión por simFlight.com:
"Being from Canada this was a destination that I probably would not have considered flying to only because it is not an airport that I was familiar with. Thanks to the folks at Aerosoft and this great rendition of Faro I will now count this as one airport that will see me on a regular basis as I continue to explore and fly around the region. I highly recommend this airport for anyone who is looking for a new destination. It is easy on the frame rates while giving you plenty to see from any angle."

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Requerimientos del sistema:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration o SP2)
Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 (actualizado)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU (Core 2 Quad recomendado)
Tarjeta grafica compatible Direct X 9 con 512 MB
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 necesario para imprimir y leer el manual
Tamaño de la descarga: 150 MB
Espacio necesario para la instalacion: 350 MB

Descargas adicionales:
 Manual Inglés PDF : >> Clic aqui <<

Enlaces de continuación a "Faro X"

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration oder SP2)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Pentium 3 GHz (Intel Duo2Core empfohlen)
Direct X 9 kompatible Grafikkarte mit 512 MB
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 um das Handbuch öffnen zu können
Download-Größe: 150 MB
Installation-Größe: 350 MB

Nice Côte d&#39;Azur X Nice Côte d'Azur X
  18,25 € *
Erfurt X Erfurt X
  16,22 € *
Weeze X Weeze X
  16,22 € *
Napoli X Napoli X
  25,37 € *
Bologna X Bologna X
  15,20 € *
Olbia X Olbia X
  21,30 € *
Keflavik X FSDG - Keflavik X
  18,25 € *
Kos X Kos X
  15,20 € *
La Palma X La Palma X
  20,29 € *
Torp - Sandefjord X Torp - Sandefjord X
  15,20 € *
Fairbanks X Fairbanks X
  22,32 € *
Airport Toulouse Airport Toulouse
  20,29 € *
Cuzco X FSDG - Cuzco X
  15,20 € *
Holiday Airports Holiday Airports
  30,45 € *
Monastir X Monastir X
  15,20 € *
Scenery Germany 1 Scenery Germany 1
  8,12 € *
Maastricht-Aachen X Maastricht-Aachen X
  15,20 € *
Wonderful Madeira Wonderful Madeira
  13,17 € *
Gibraltar X Gibraltar X
  19,27 € *
FSDG - Beziers FSDG - Beziers
  12,10 € *
EDDN - Nuremberg XP EDDN - Nuremberg XP
  25,37 € *
FSDG - Cape Town FSDG - Cape Town
  25,41 € *
Stuttgart X Stuttgart X
  20,33 € *
Anchorage X Anchorage X
  26,43 € *
Genoa X Genoa X
  25,99 € *
Bali X Bali X
  25,37 € *
Samos Samos
  24,35 € *
Manchester X Manchester X
  20,29 € *
Varanasi X Varanasi X
  15,20 € *
Antalya X Antalya X
  18,25 € *
Scenery Germany 2 Scenery Germany 2
  8,12 € *
Manhattan X Manhattan X
  19,27 € *
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