Aerosoft Airport Mykonos | Update

The Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Aerosoft Airport Mykonos has been updated to version Following changes have been made:

  • Renovation of the Main Terminal Building to accurately represent the current airport status.
  • Replacement of the old fuel station and Fire station buildings with new representing the current airport's status.
  • Recreation of the airport's parking area to represent the current status.
  • Corrections-additions to apron lines according to the new building positions (i.e. RFFS lines and signs).
  • Replacement of all night textures (except from windows) with physical light sources.
  • Mesh enhancement at the east of the airport to more accurately represent the hills of the area.
  • Hazard lights added on the top of buildings and windsocks.
  • Asphalt texture added to the roads inside the airport.
  • Runway center line addition near to threshold of 16 (bug from V1)
  • Parking positions converted to Gates (bug from V1)
  • Taxi ribbon issue showing wrong taxi instructions corrected (bug from V1)
  • Wrench and star symbols showing to the map (bug from V1)


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