Phenick Field

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  • AS12774
  • Aerosoft
  • 29Palms
  • 1.00(FSX),1.00(FS9)
Phenick Field is located nearby Newark, Ohio. Nowadays it doesn't exist anymore but it provides...más
Información del producto "Phenick Field"

Phenick Field is located nearby Newark, Ohio. Nowadays it doesn't exist anymore but it provides a nice environment for flights in the area, lovely surrounded by fields and forests. This project is inspired by Golden Age Simulations desire to partner with an experienced designer to bring the "Golden Age" to Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Therefore we started by recreating Bill Lyon's classic Phenick Field. We added plenty of eyecandies from that time, for example a 1934 Ford Model B pick-up.


  • realistic vegetation (volumetric grass, complex trees)
  • high resolution textures
  • baked textures on many objects - custom shadows
  • groundpolygon with detail added
  • animations (car traffic, mechanic, animated hangar doors)
  • ambient sound environment (fly-bys, forest airport ambient, radio)
  • animated flag and windsocks (indicate wind heading and velocity)
  • optimal texture blending
  • seasonal textures (spring summer, fall, winter)
  • a lot of details to discover (custom objects - ladders, barrels, pallets)
  • highly detailed static aircrafts
  • the famous „fly-through barn“ takes care of the adrenaline rush
  • a program called "Phenick Field Manager" that allows you to match the scenery’s level of detail perfectly to your system's performance
  • The package includes an installation program and a zip-file. Both contain the same version of Phenick Field but some people may prefer to do a manual installation
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 or FSX
  • Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista or Windows 7 (with new Service Packs)
  • 3.0 GHz Processor (Dual or Quad Core Prozessor recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • 3D graphic card with 512 MB
  • .net Framework 3.5 or higher to run the Scenery Managers
  • 185 MB of free disk space