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X-Plane 11
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  • AS15144
  • Aerosoft
  • Stairport Sceneries
  • English
Donnez encore plus de réalisme à votre univers X-Plane grâce à ce pack de remplacement
Informations sur le produit "SAM AirportVehicles XP"

Donnez encore plus de réalisme à votre univers X-Plane grâce à ce pack de remplacement de véhicules personnalisés - SAM AirportVehicles. 30 nouveaux véhicules HD créés par ShortFinalDesign a.k.a MisterX peupleront vos aéroports de manière statique tout en remplaçant les véhicules animés par défaut.

Les ensembles de véhicules diffèrent selon les 3 régions incluses : Amérique du Nord*, Europe et Asie. Un dispositif de dessin régional assure la sélection de véhicules et même de peintures différentes en fonction de votre position en temps réel - inutile de redémarrer votre simulation !

Enfin, il est possible d'aller encore plus loin dans la création de vos propres peintures et de les appliquer à votre aéroport préféré ou de mettre en œuvre vos propres véhicules personnalisés selon vos goûts.

*Région par défaut, sera employée dans toutes les autres régions non couvertes comme solution de repli.


  • Remplacement dans le monde entier pour les véhicules d'aéroport statiques et animés par défaut
  • 3 jeux de véhicules haute définition : Amérique du Nord, Europe et Asie
  • Usage complet des textures PBR pour une expérience visuelle optimale
  • Le système régional applique les véhicules en fonction de chaque aéroport en temps réel
  • Créez des peintures de véhicules personnalisées et intégrez-les à n'importe quel aéroport
  • Ajoutez des objets de véhicules personnalisés à n'importe quel ensemble de décors

X-Plane 11:

  • Windows 10/11: compatible
  • Linux Ubuntu (latest LTS): compatible
  • macOS: compatible from 10.14 to 12.0 (higher versions are not supported)

X-Plane 12:

  • Not compatible

Vous pouvez lire ici la FAQ du développeur du produit.

Conclusion by
"Under normal conditions you’ll always see at default X-Plane airports the SAM3 Stairport airport vehicles, provided of course that you’ve activated this feature. If so, you can ask yourself, is the difference worth the price. [..] I know that there are still lots of simmers who fly and use default X-Plane airports. That said, when they have this plugin, better quality vehicles are implemented and vary with the region you’re flying."

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Liens supplémentaires vers "SAM AirportVehicles XP"
  • X-Plane 11.41+
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 (64bit), MacOS 10.14-12.0 (from version 12 and higher not compatible) or Linux Ubuntu LTS
  • SAM3 plugin required (included in this package)
  • Active internet connection for initial activation

Known issues > Linux + Steam: There is a known issue that currently prevents SAM3 on running on this configuration, you may run into a CTD when trying to run in this configuration.

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.8:

  • Fix: Dataref control icon not showing on SAM UI toolbar when arriving at an airport with custom datarefs implemented
  • Fix: GroundService baggage slider not movable when importing a Simbrief flightplan that's using a custom airframe with baggage weight defined as 0. Now the unit baggage weight will be set to aircraft's configured default as long as the imported unit pax weight != 0
  • New: Implemented audio announcement when (un)loading process is finished. Requires GroundSevice v1.0.3
  • New: Visual only mode; aircraft loadout & datarefs will not be touched in this mode, GS will only show the animations. The flag can be configured from GroundService settings page

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.6:

  • Fix: Fixed a possible cause for the jetway sound still playing after disconnecting
    Fix: Fixed departure & parking states not refreshed when reloading a flight on the same airport
  • Fix/tune: Tuned departure spawn point logic to prevent vehicle spawning at the opposite end of the terminal when requesting departure guidance from a ramp
  • Aircraft config updates:
    • Fix/tune: Tuned departure spawn point logic to prevent vehicle spawning at the opposite end of the terminal when requesting departure guidance from a ramp
    • Felis B742: deleted Felis B742 gpu in favor of the new Felis tablet options
  • New aircraft config:
    • Zibo B738

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.4:

  • New: GroundService options overlay that includes CG adjustment slider
  • New: Implemented custom loading event hooks for Toliss A319, A321 & A340 aircraft for better support
  • Change: Fuel slider is now hidden when tank configuration is not found for the acf
  • Fix: Fixed several issues relating to refueling
  • Fix: PAX deboarding when SAM jetway is still moving
  • Fix: Issues with carts not returning on some configurations

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.3:

  • New: Unloading support for situations where the user spawns mid-flight using the same aircraft after experiencing CTD while flying
  • Fix: Pax not (un)loading when jetway parking config is selected (on Autogate jetways for example)
  • Fix: Aircraft width code detection incorrect for aircraft with wingspan near the limit of their class
  • Fix: Ground Air toggle is now hidden in the UI when HPU is not configured
  • Fix: GroundService SubObject trigger bugs
  • Aircraft config changes:
    • Deleted HPU wherever not being available
    • Sparky 747 : fixed loader height, added crew + cleaning service
    • LVLUP/Zibo/Default 737: Slightly moved carts to make room for baggage handler
    • Added configs for iniBuilds A310 PAX + VIP
    • Added tanks to iniBuilds A300v2 PAX + more animation tweaks

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.2:

  • Fix: Fix found for some aircrafts falling out of the sky when spawning (FlightFactor ACFs, for example)
    • To fix this issue, set "Override Weights On Flight Load" to false in the options menu
    • Alternatively, delete `Output/preferences/sam/settings.json` setting file to regenerate fresh
    • The option's default value is now set to false
  • New: Enabled cargo service for Toliss A321 + added chocks
  • New: Added Sparky B744 GroundService config
  • New/Fix: Implemented traffic handling timeout, vehicles stuck for some time will ignore traffic for a short while
  • New/Fix: Adjusted catering animation for all configs
    • Added new "doors" animation to sequence   
    • Adjusted active "height" value for IXEG/LVLUP 737
    • Fixed some cases where "height" happens before "deployed"
  • Fix: Ground Power is now disabled automatically when the flight is starting
  • Fix: Stairs & boarding ramps not clearing when the flight starts & keepStairsConnectedAfterLoading option is true
  • Fix: Vehicles configured to spawn at docked position not spawning when importing SimBrief flight plan
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where loading/unloading counter is not updating for some services
  • Fix: Felis 742 Cargo loader spawning
  • Fix: Fuel not loading for Rotate MD11
  • Fix: Toliss A319 door animations and cargo loading speed
  • Fix: Several ground service UI issues
    • Preflight section does not show "Loading Finished" when loading is finished
    • Arrival Reset Flight button not showing up after deboarding is finished
    • Arrival Jetway vs Stairs selection showing up while the flight is in progress

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.1:

  • Change: Ground Service Auto parking config is now removed, users will need to choose between Stairs or Jetway configuration when loading/unloading
  • Fix: Ground Power custom command executed continuously, it's now only executed once when it's changed
  • Fix: Manual input of load service weight issue when the input value exceeds slider range
  • Fix: Rotate MD80 pylon position, GPU connection & cargo train route
  • Fix: Toliss A346 crew car return routing
  • Fix: Relaxed 2nd cargo loader spawning time for Toliss A321
  • New: Added JustFlight BAE 146 Series

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.1.0:

  • New: Support for the new Ground Service extension
  • New: Preliminary X-Plane 12 support
  • New: New aircrafts supported
    • Rotate MD-11
    • JF BAe 146-100
    • Carenado Fokker F50
    • X-Crafts E175
    • X-Crafts ERJ 145XR
    • Carenado C90 GTX
    • Felis B747-200
    • Magknight 787-8 Dreamliner
    • Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340A Cargo
    • FJS B732
    • FlyJSim Q4XP
  • Fix: Possibility of incorrect VDGS detection when 2 opposite-facing docks are next to each other (back-to-back)
  • Fix: Unsafe pointer usage causing VDGS to not work completely under certain circumstances
  • Fix: SimBrief payload import gets truncated most of the time
  • Fix: Departure follow me runway selection bug, where runway and holding point selection state was not correctly initialized
  • Fix: macOS: Extension linking not working when target path already exists
  • Other internal bugfixes & optimizations

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.0.13:

  • New: Added door configurations for LevelUP 737 aircrafts
  • New: Added auto/manual aircraft door animation setting to BasePlugin settings page
  • New: (Re)Added static aircraft door coordinates
  • Change: Content manager icon is now red instead of blue when updates are available
  • Fix: macOS stand-alone Content Manager pixel ratio issue where the app window will be initialized to a very large size when the screen resolution is set to a non-native value
  • Fix: FollowMe regression bug where landing always trigger an override of planned runway and parking position
  • Fix: FollowMe departure holding point list issues:
    • Setting the departure runway from PLAN page not updating runway holding points
    • On airports with multiple runways, the holding point list may not initially be in sync with the starting runway
  • Other internal bugfixes

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.0.12:

  • New: Support for custom aircraft libraries based on SAM2 StaticAircraft logic
  • New: FollowMe aircraft limit override implementation. This feature replaces Arrival FollowMe's Show All checkbox and works for both departure & arrival guidance. When ticked, FollowMe will ignore aircraft's width code when looking for valid routes
  • Fix: A general FollowMe route resolution bug. FollowMe route finding should be more robust
  • Fix: Fixed a possibility of CTD when used with ASXP under certain conditions
  • Fix: Fixed a possibility FollowMe-related CTD under a very specific condition
  • Fix: FollowMe Parking guidance won't show up after an airport change before the window is closed and reopened again
  • Fix: A condition that can cause the FPS to dip too much when debugging mode is on under certain conditions

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.0.11:

  • New: Upon landing, arrival ICAO will be overriden to the current airport
  • New: Implemented Jetway RestAPI request (purple) & connection (pink) lines in debugging mode. This is useful to debug TrafficGlobal issues
  • Fix: Difficulty typing on TextFields under some conditions. Symptoms include cursor jumping to the beginning of the text while typing, and values getting replaced while typing. This includes typing on FollowMe fields
  • Fix: Cases where the FollowMe marshaller popping up on ramps with SAM3 VDGS installed
  • Improvement: More reliable connection setting for Content Manager downloads

SAM 3 | Base Plugin | Changelog 3.0.10:

  • New: Implemented SAM3 dock debug lines
  • Fix/Change: TextFields now no longer auto-accepts typed value after a certain timeout, users will need to either press Enter or click outside it. This is done to fix timing issues that resulted in some users having difficulty entering values under some conditions
  • Fix: FollowMe parking still offering parking guidance when the current airport doesn't have any taxi network defined
  • Fix: FollowMe departure sometimes not working after the first airport load
  • Tuning: A346 door positions
Airport Frankfurt-Egelsbach XP Airport Frankfurt-Egelsbach XP
  11,26 € * 16,08 € *
Aspen XP Aspen XP
  17,61 € * 25,16 € *
Daytona Beach International XP Daytona Beach International XP
  17,61 € * 25,16 € *
SAM FollowMe XP SAM FollowMe XP
  14,08 € * 20,12 € *
SAM WorldJetways XP SAM WorldJetways XP
  14,08 € * 20,12 € *
SAM GroundService XP SAM GroundService XP
  24,67 € * 35,24 € *
shadeX shadeX
  10,55 € * 15,07 € *
German Islands 1: East Frisia XP German Islands 1: East Frisia XP
  21,14 € * 30,20 € *
Airport Split XP Airport Split XP
  18,10 € *
Airport Istanbul XP Airport Istanbul XP
  21,00 € * 30,00 € *
Reggio Calabria XP Reggio Calabria XP
  25,16 € *
EDDN - Nuremberg XP EDDN - Nuremberg XP
  25,16 € *
Airport Rome XP Airport Rome XP
  26,17 € *
A320 Ultimate XP A320 Ultimate XP
  87,79 € * 98,77 € *
Airport Madrid XP Airport Madrid XP
  28,18 € *
Airport Geneva XP Airport Geneva XP
  28,18 € *
FSDG - Rhodes XP FSDG - Rhodes XP
  25,20 € *
Seychelles XP Seychelles XP
  39,32 € *
Paderborn XP Paderborn XP
  14,08 € * 20,12 € *
Helgoland XP Helgoland XP
  22,13 € *
Airport Lugano XP Airport Lugano XP
  20,12 € *
Airport Oslo XP Airport Oslo XP
  25,16 € *
SAM WorldJetways XP SAM WorldJetways XP
  14,08 € * 20,12 € *
SAM GroundService XP SAM GroundService XP
  24,67 € * 35,24 € *
shadeX shadeX
  10,55 € * 15,07 € *
Airport Stuttgart XP Airport Stuttgart XP
  15,49 € * 22,13 € *
SAM FollowMe XP SAM FollowMe XP
  14,08 € * 20,12 € *
German Islands 1: East Frisia XP German Islands 1: East Frisia XP
  21,14 € * 30,20 € *
X-Plane 12 X-Plane 12
  70,58 € *
ProCam XP ProCam XP
  17,09 € *
Airport Istanbul XP Airport Istanbul XP
  21,00 € * 30,00 € *
Airport Kassel XP Airport Kassel XP
  10,56 € * 15,08 € *
Airport Zagreb XP Airport Zagreb XP
  12,67 € * 18,10 € *
SSG E-Jets Evolution Series SSG E-Jets Evolution Series
  49,36 € * 71,54 € *
Paderborn XP Paderborn XP
  14,08 € * 20,12 € *
Seychelles XP Seychelles XP
  39,32 € *
Chicago City XP Chicago City XP
  26,40 € *
Airport Vitoria-Foronda XP Airport Vitoria-Foronda XP
  15,49 € * 22,13 € *
Charlottetown XP Charlottetown XP
  10,56 € * 15,08 € *
Tromsø XP Tromsø XP
  12,67 € * 18,10 € *
Daytona Beach International XP Daytona Beach International XP
  17,61 € * 25,16 € *
Saint Croix XP Saint Croix XP
  24,99 € *