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Valley Corridor Route

Train Simulator 2020
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  • AS14381
  • Just Trains
  • English
  • 1.02
Valley Corridor Route for Train Simulator is a fictional mountain route that runs between
Informations sur le produit "Valley Corridor Route"

Valley Corridor Route for Train Simulator is a fictional mountain route that runs between two large cities, both of which sit on plateaus. The route is used for stopping and express passenger runs as well by freight trains. There are numerous lakes below the route, making it a very scenic and spectacular route to drive. Its maximum line speed is 125 MPH, which is applicable towards its southern end.

Valley Corridor Route features 16 stations, most with freight yards, and has numerous custom assets. The route is Quick Drive enabled and comes with 20 Standard scenarios giving you the option of driving with default Train Simulator stock or or add-on DLC stock.

Route features:

  • Route class: Non-prototypical
  • Route length: 100 miles approx.
  • 16 stations
  • Beautifully detailed and immersive mountainous scenery
  • Includes 20 Standard scenarios
  • Quick Drive enabled
  • Custom-built stations
  • Many custom built buildings and objects


  • North Central
  • Newton
  • Lowland
  • Lowland
  • Valley Pass
  • Summit Lake
  • High Pines
  • High Pass
  • Green Valley
  • High Mountain Plateau  
  • Mid Central
  • Sunny Valley
  • Mountainside
  • Widespace
  • Old Riverside
  • Marston
  • Southern Central

Numerous landmark buildings and other features of interest have been modelled along the length of the Valley Corridor Route – these are just a few of them to be seen when running from north to south:

  • Newton Power Station
  • Valley Pass freight sidings
  • Summit Lake Split
  • Summit Lake freight depot and dock
  • High Pines freight depot
  • Green Valley
  • Double horseshoe curves
  • Mid Central Freight South
  • Sunny Valley Freight
  • Widespace Freight
  • Southern Central Depot

Standard scenarios:

  • 01 Northbound Rush Hour Express BR12 - Required stock: vR DB Baureihe 120 VRot EL (JT)
  • 01 Northbound Rush Hour Express Euro Assets - Required stock: BR101 DBAG Black (Steam)
  • 02 Down Morning Express – BR 120 - Required stock: VrBimdzf IR Expert-Line (JT)
  • 02 Down Morning Express – Euro Assets - Required stock: BR101 DBAG Silver (Steam)
  • 03 North Central to High Pines Local BR103 - Required stock: BR103 trafficred (JT)
  • 03 North Central to High Pines Local Euro Assets - Required stock: BR143 DBAG Red (Steam)
  • 04 Southbound local from High Pines BR140 - Required stock: vR BR140 872 3 (JT)
  • 04 Southbound local from High Pines Euro Stock - Required stock: BR101 DBAG Red (Steam)
  • 05 Sports VIPs – BR120 - Required stock: vR Bimdzf IR Expert-Line (JT)
  • 05 Sports VIPs – Euro Assets - Required stock: BR101 DBAG Silver (Steam)
  • 06 Vans and Tanks – BR140 - Required stock: vR BR140 859 0 (JT)
  • 06 Vans and Tanks – Euro Assets - Required stock: BR151 DBAG Red (Steam)
  • 07 Freight to the Docks - Required stock: BR294 DBAG Red (Steam)
  • 08 Southern Central Local – BR103 - Required stock: VBR103 Traffic Red (JT)
  • 08 Southern Central Local – Euro Assets - Required stock: BR143 DBAG Red (Steam)
  • 09 Southbound Winter Express – 801 - Required stock: Class 801 (Steam)
  • 09 Southbound Winter Express – Voyager - Required stock: Class 221 CC A (DMF) Voyager (JT)
  • 10 Northbound Freight Working – AP Class 90 - Required stock: Class 90 DB FC (AP), IWB Cargowaggons (JT)
  • 11 Southern Central to North Central Express - Required stock: Class 801 (Steam)
  • 11 Southern Central to North Central Express - Required stock: Class 221 VT F (DMSL) (JT)
Liens supplémentaires vers "Valley Corridor Route"

Train Simulator
Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
3.0 GHz or higher PC or any Dual Core
4 GB RAM (1 GB for Windows Vista/7/8)
512 MB video card with Pixel shader 2.0 (AGP/PCE only)
Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
2.5 GB hard drive space
For certain scenarios to run correctly, the following locomotives are required:
 - Class 801 (Steam)
 - BR120 vR Bimdzf IR Expert Line (Just Trains)
 - BR140 (Just Trains)
 - BR103 (Just Trains)
 - Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
 - Cargowaggon IWB PlusPak (Just Trains)
 - Class 90/DVT/Mk3 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Note: If you purchased Train Simulator after 20th September 2012 you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack (available to purchase via Steam) for the route to display correctly.

Version 1.02:

  • Track rendering fixed at crossover south of North Central
  • Missing water in one section of lake at Southern Central
  • Missing overhead line at Southern Central
  • Track rendering issue at a set of points Lat/Lon 45.46795  6.71124
  • No overhead lines in tunnel and gap in tunnel lining Lat/Lon: 45.72141  6.96913
  • Missing part of overhead wire at Lat/Lon 45.40827 6.62422
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