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The Chengdu to Suining route is a modern dedicated high speed passenger route in
Informations sur le produit "Chengdu High Speed Route"

The Chengdu to Suining route is a modern dedicated high speed passenger route in Southwest China. Created for Train Simulator, it is based on the real route with enhancements. The route is 146km in length, and trains on the route are capable of running at 350 km/h. The fastest train takes only 33 minutes to finish the journey.

Starting from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, the line passes through ShibanTan, Huaikou, Longsheng, Jijin, Zitong, Cangshan, Daying and ends in Suining, part of the Chengdu - Chongqing high speed line.

The route is equipped with the CTCS-3 (China Train Control System) signalling system so that both 350 km/h and 250 km/h capable trains can run on it.

Supplied with the route is the CRH1A EMU (Electro Motive Unit) that is designed for commuter use stopping at the stations along the route. This unit is capable of running at 250 km/h (155 mph) but in normal service runs at 220 km/h (137 mph). The CRH1E includes the CTCS-3 Cab signalling system.
Six Standard scenarios and one Free Roam scenario are included to allow you to fly at high speed on the ground and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Sichuan Basin area.

Route Specifications:

  • Route class: China Railway Class I
  • Route length: 146km mainline and 6km branch line
  • Mainline tracks: 2
  • Speed limit: 300-350km/h for 350km/h trains and 250km/h for 250km/h trains
  • Parallel distance: 5m
  • Minimum curve radius: 5,000m
  • Maximum gradient: 2%
  • Train type: Electrical, CRH (China railway high speed) EMU
  • Bridges and tunnels length: >60% of total length of the line
  • Platform length: 450m (16-car consist)

Route Features:

  • Currently the fastest route for Train Simulator
  • Built using Chinese high speed rail standards
  • Includes more than 150 Chinese-featured objects for the route
  • CTCT3 signalling system for both 250km/h and 350km/h trains
  • Beautiful detailed scenery in the Sichuan Basin area
  • Standard, Quick Drive and Free roam scenarios included
  • CRH1A EMU included
  • Includes six standard scenarios and one free roam scenario
  • Route is Quick drive enabled


  • Chengdu
  • ShibanTan
  • Huaikou
  • Longsheng
  • Jijin
  • Zitong
  • Cangshan
  • Daying
  • Suining

Standard scenarios:

  • (CRH1A) 1. Introduction to CRH1A EMU
    This scenario teaches you how to drive the CRH1A EMU.
  • (CRH1A) 2. Fast service to Jijin
    Today you will drive the train to Jijin with only one stop at Cangshan.
  • (CRH1A) 3. Bad weather run
    Planes and long distance buses usually have to be cancelled or delayed in bad weather, but trains don’t have this problem. You will drive the train as usual, running from ShibanTan to Cangshan.
  • (CRH1A) 4. Short passenger run
    Short passenger run between Chengdu and Longsheng.
  • (CRH1A) 5. Night Express
    Fast service from Chengdu to Jijin, then back to Chengdu.
  • (CRH1A) 6. Commuter service
    From Suining to Chengdu, you need to stop at every station on the route.


  • Highly detailed models, accurately reproducing the real-world train
  • Custom sounds
  • CTCS-3 cab signalling system
  • Cab lighting
  • Cruise mode and Advanced Cruise mode
  • Passenger view
  • Real-time speed display in passenger view
  • Flashing tail light replicating the one on the real train

NOTE: Train Simulator 2014 that was upgraded from Train Simulator 2012 on 20th September 2012. If you purchased Train Simulator after that date you will require the following assets for the route to display correctly: European Loco & Asset Pack and US Loco & Asset Pack 

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