Brennitzer Linienstern

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  • Aerosoft
  • SAD Railsim
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After the work on the expansion of "Im Köblitzer Bergland Reloaded" was completed,
Informations sur le produit "Brennitzer Linienstern"

After the work on the expansion of "Im Köblitzer Bergland Reloaded" was completed, the developers Siegfried Derks and Roman Glos are fully concentrating on the completion of the add-on Brennitzer Linienstern.

In terms of signaling technology, the latest versions of the signaling team's HV and Ks signaling systems were integrated in the current version, as well as semaphore signals from the RLB team.

The system from virtual Railroads, Schienenbus and TrainTeamBerlin ensure a reliable PZB and speed check sections. Wherever necessary, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz magnets have been installed.

Geographically located somewhere in West Germany, the developers have been able to do one thing above all in many years of work: to build a fantasy route that seems to be right in the middle of reality - somewhere here in Germany.

Let the magic of the branch line impress you on the 40 km long journey from Brennitz Hbf to Klosterheim St. Ludwig. Experience high-speed travel on the ICE route from Brennitz Hbf to Augustinustal via Allersberg over a distance of 70 km.

Experience the hustle and bustle of the big city and ride an S-Bahn with a length of approx. 40 km with frequent stops until you arrive at Kortensheim Plärrer.

Experience many challenges on the electrified main line: unbarred level crossings, functional level crossings where disruptions are also possible, as well as changes in gradient and speed will demand your full attention.

With a modern regional express journey, you are required to stay on schedule and still obey all signals. In this add-on you will get to know all facets of railway operations.

In order to increase the realism, station and train announcements as well as train destination displays were installed in the scenarios, and a new, improved weather system was used. The included Quick Drive scenarios are also equipped with announcements.

The rolling stock was contributed by Virtual Railroads and TrainTeamBerlin:

  • A real workhorse, the class 111 (2nd and 4th series) in traffic red, plus the double-deck coaches DABz 756.0 (1st class) and DBz 751.0 (2nd class), as well as the matching mobile DBbzf 761.0 control car
  • In order to be able to enjoy a high-speed ride, this add-on contains the ICE 1 redesign from the same company
  • Sliding wall wagon Hbins292
  • Flat car with tarpaulin Kijls 450
  • Zaes articulated tank car
  • Articulated pocket wagons Sdggmrss 738 and 739
  • Taehms 887 swing roof car
  • The company TrainTeamBerlin has made the BR152 series available as an AI variant for this add-on


  • 180km of challenging virtual train track
  • Approximately 70 km of electrified main line and branch lines
  • About 40 km of S-Bahn line
  • About 70 km high-speed route between Brennitz and Augustinustal
  • Beautifully designed new vegetation, realistic buildings and old railway systems
  • Experience everyday life as a train driver in 8 challenging tasks
  • All tasks with train and station announcements, as well as dialogues between dispatcher and train driver
  • 18 Quickdrive - scenarios (quick game) with AI - traffic and switchable announcements
  • ICE line from Brennitz to Augustinustal with line train control
  • Ks – and H/V signaling system
  • PZB and GPA magnets
  • Siegerland shunting station
  • Realistic level crossings including faults and functioning PZB
  • New weather system
  • New soundtrack for the 3D tracks
Liens supplémentaires vers "Brennitzer Linienstern"
  • Train Simulator (latest version) with European Loco & Asset Pack
  • Operating system: Windows 8 or higher (64-bit)
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz, QuadCore or comparable
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics card: min. 2024 MB, DirectX 9c compatible
  • Free hard drive space: 10 GB
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