JTG Lake Constance Scenario Package Vol. 1

Train Simulator 2021
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This scenario package takes you to the beautiful and well-known Lake Constance on the so-called...plus
Informations sur le produit "JTG Lake Constance Scenario Package Vol. 1"

This scenario package takes you to the beautiful and well-known Lake Constance on the so-called "Lake-Line" from Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen. Together with the SBB you will be involved in the creation of a new timetable, help your colleagues at a time when winter has a firm grip on the land and distribute trains to reinforce the line. As an engine driver, you will be assigned to an extra shift on a reinforcement train. Of course, a ride on the well-known S8 line with you as an engine driver cannot be missing in this entertaining task package.

Included Szenarios:

  • Winter Chaos
  • Booster to Schaffhausen
  • The Timetable Maker
  • S8 to Gallen

These scenarios contain custom announcements.

Required add-ons:

  • EU Asset Paket (Caution, may be already included in your TrainSimulator installation!)
  • Lake Constance (Rivet Games)
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