San Jose Del Cabo (FS2004)

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  • AS11446
  • Bajasim
  • Deutsch/English/Espanol
  • 1.02
We have developed the most realistic scenery available for SJD airport and the best
Informations sur le produit "San Jose Del Cabo (FS2004)"

We have developed the most realistic scenery available for SJD airport and the best payware scenery for a mexican airport! This piece of art is the result of tons of hardwork time with extreme detailing, bringing the most accurate replication of the real complex.


  • Realistic buildings and placement
  • Extreme detail
  • Extreme high resolution textures
  • Smooth taxiway lines every where
  • Photo real ground textures
  • Main buildings 3D interiors
  • Amazing realistic night textures
  • Our design system gives high detail with low FPS impact
  • Reworked Landclasses and shores
  • Ultra realistic glass textures
  • Custom vehicles, vegetation, signs, etc.
  • Landmarks and hotel area modeled
  • The best scenery for a mexican airport available
  • Manual in German, English and Spanish

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Version 9.1)
Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7
3 GHz Processor
Graphics card with at least 256 MB
Internet connection for the online activation required
Download-Size: 100 MB
Installations-Size: 150 MB

Additional downloads:
   .pdf-Manual (German/English/Spanish): >> View here <<

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