Propair Flight - Scheibe Falke SF25

P3D V4
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Glide like a falcon! Propair Flight is ready for its debut with nothing else than the
Informations sur le produit "Propair Flight - Scheibe Falke SF25"

Glide like a falcon! Propair Flight is ready for its debut with nothing else than the classic german tour motorglider the Scheibe Falke SF-25.

The Propair Falke Bundle consists of:

  • 3 different variants of the aircraft: SF-25B, SF-25C, SF-25E They do not only differ visually but in engine, wheel setup etc.
  • 7 different skins for the 3 variants
  • 3 unique highly detailed scenarios with more than 2 hours of real flight experience (with tasks that requires different level of experience)

Why the Falke?
We wanted to create something new for the flight simulation community, something which is really only about flying, which will bring closer the enthusiast to a real world experience.
We envisioned to create a virtual aircraft which is simple to operate still versatile, so it will give you the best experience for initial pilot training.

Despite it is easy to handle, it doesn`t mean that you can fly her just pushing the throttle to max, and rush into the air.
We put great effort to simulate all the characteristics of the real aircraft, beginning from the handling in the ground and in the air,
realistic oil temperature depending heavily on the cowl flaps- Yes, she has an air-cooled engine, which you can boil easily on a hot summer day - even restarting her in the air using only the propeller...

System requirements:
Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V4
Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit)
CPU: Quad Core with 3,5 GHz
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)
Graphics card: 8 GB VRAM (DirectX 11)
Disk space: 3.3 GB free disk space, SSD highly recommended

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