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  • 2.5.4
The Boeing 757 V2 Professional gets from years of experience from Flight Factor to deliver the... altro
Informazione prodotto "Boeing 757 V2 Professional"

The Boeing 757 V2 Professional gets from years of experience from Flight Factor to deliver the ultimate airliner's experience in X-Plane.

Flight model:

  • Accurate flight model, as close as it gets to real performance. Tested by real pilots
  • Dynamic and customizable center of gravity that depends on actual cargo, passenger placement and burning fuel in flight

Fully Functional Professional FMS and EFIS System:

  • Custom designed Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems
  • Terminal procedures from updatable database
  • Two independent analogue instrument sets for captain and first officer
  • Two independently simulated EFIS (EADI/EHSI configuration) for captain and first officer
  • Dual-FMS with two independently working CDUs
  • Working instrument comparators
  • Triple IRS and triple symbol generator systems with realistic instrument source switching
  • Dual air-data computers with custom failure modes and source switching
  • Independent 2 nav and an ils receivers
  • Realistic inertial and radio position updating, you can see the individual inaccuracies of those systems
  • Triple-channel autopilot with realistic dependencies
  • Fail operational and fail passive autoland with mode degradations based on system failures
  • Load company routes generated by Professional Flight Planner X (or other compatible programs) directly into the FMC
  • FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the Retina iPad

Custom cockpit interaction system:

  • Adjustable modes for cockpit interaction, you chose what to use for clicks
  • Different cockpit interaction modes, with mouse wheel and right button support
  • In-cockpit tooltips from the manual - you click on the button and see portions of the manual on display
  • In-cockpit life datarefs for cockpit building


  • A very flexible architecture – you chose the set up
  • Different options for many avionics instruments including two types of FMC
  • Options to composite your own EICAS, EADI and EHSI displays
  • Most of the options that the real 757 fleet has are included
  • Many additional options for sounds, cockpit interaction, effects etc

 Interactive Checklists, Procedures, and auto-helper (Exclusive feature):

  • Full electronic interactive checklists and procedures with automatic action detection
  • Automatic mode – a “helper” -  that performs all the actions for you. You just CHECK the items
  • A tutorial which shows the user what to do and when
  • An option to have a visual aid on what and when to do in procedures

Custom Systems and Failure model:

  • Detailed and deep simulation of almost every system in the real aircraft
  • Custom air and pressure system
  • Electrical system with all AC and DC busses modelled - see which system depends on which bus
  • Hydraulic system that uses a little fluid when treated correctly and a lot of fluid if used incorrectly
  • Multistage custom failure system - over 200 more failures than X-Plane
  • Ability to fix failure by following proper procedure
  • Persistent failure and maintenance system – aircraft wear and misuse will carry over to your next flight

Warning system and radars (Exclusive feature):

  • Fully functional GPWS with all the modes the real plane has.
  • Fully functional terrain radar, with custom database (just like the real plane), a look-ahead warning system and many other features
  • Weather radar that works like the real thing. Including tilt and gain functions, ground clutter, turbulence detection and windshear prediction

3D Modeling:

  • Accurate dimensions based on exterior drawings provided by Boeing
  • Very detailed exterior modelling with high resolution textures
  • Very high resolution 3D cockpit with every switch functional
  • Spatial rain simulation with high detail
  • Very detailed passenger cabin graphics including galleys
  • Additional graphic features: real working oxygen masks both in cockpit and cabin, dynamic window blinds that react to sunlight etc.
  • New and improved wingflex

Special effects:

  • Multilayer dynamic reflections on all glass objects
  • Glow effects on screens
  • Reflective metal and plastic objects in the cockpit
  • Glossy exterior that reflects the outside
  • XP weather enhancements like custom windshear

Custom Sounds:

  • Two sound pack by BSS for both engines
  • Several hundred custom sounds
  • In-cockpit custom sounds
  • Switches with individual sounds
  • Many individual system sound inside and outside
  • Airport environment sounds
  • Cabin sounds
  • 3D stereo sound system for engines
  • In flight cabin announcements
  • Interactive communication with the cabin crew (reporting misconfigurations and passenger comfort problems)

On Screen menus:

  • An ipad-like menu popping-up from the cockpit
  • Custom pages for loading/unloading fuel, cargo and passengers, customizing the CG, calling for pushback and performing maintenance
  • Ability to customize the plane with winglets, special effects level, wingflex level and set other options to be saved or default
  • Ground equipment and door pages
  • Failure monitoring menu

Extra objects and equipment:

  • Working push-back truck - Fully controllable with your joystick
  • Passenger bus and stairs or optional gate configuration (passengers can be loaded from gate instead of bus)
  • Fuel truck, de-Icing truck, GPU, ground-start units both visible and fully functional with airplane systems
  • Other ground equipment
  • 7 default liveries included in the package : Air France, American, Boeing House,, Lufthansa, Thomson, VA X-Airways


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  • X-Plane 11.50
  • Windows 7+, macOS 10.10 - 10.15 (Catalina) or Linux 14.04 LTS (64 bit)
  • 8 GB RAM (16-24 GB+ recommended)
  • 3 GB VRAM (6 GB+ VRAM recommended)

If you previously purchased the "Boeing 757 Version 1" at our Aerosoft shop, you get 25% discount when purchasing the new version. Please enter your old serial number of the predecessor in the voucher field at the checkout.

Version 2.5.4:

  • FPDS: fixed missed hdg/trk arc and range rings on ND

Version 2.5.3:

  • Added new community designed FlightFactor House livery (Thank you community for design, Thank you @Turtle for implementation)
  • Added honeycomb BRAVO profiles (improved from Aerosoft website) see DOCs folder
  • Added MCP commands for multiselector type hardware (Honeycomb, TCA...)
  • Some fixes for 757 winglets
  • Changed EMER LIGHTS message priority
  • Changed APU self test behaviour
  • Changed EXT PWR button behaviour
  • Improved color of some gauges flags (RMI, ASA, etc)
  • Fixed RMI VOR needles
  • Fixed a bug with fire handle discharge angle
  • Fixed beacon lights position
  • FPDS: fixed from/to triangle pos for from case
  • Reduced the number of cases, when product asks for re-activation without product update

Version: 2.5.2

  • added saving the amount of fuel between flights with option enabled "interflight data"
  • FPDS: added missed MAP Centered mode
  • FPDS: added missed vor from/to triangle
  • FPDS: added missed tip symbols to nav source blocks
  • FPDS: added optional minimums callouts (enabled by default)
  • added real actual wind calculation, not just getting from sim weather
  • improved GPWS logic to avoid unneeded glideslope event on takeoff
  • improved engine shutdown by fuel pressure logic in abnormal spatial position
  • fix info from both FMC are displayed on both ND/HSI
  • removed async objects loading in attempt to fix rare CTDs
  • fixed red 757 winglets at night
  • FPDS: fixed vor from/to indication
  • fixed vor receivers logic (sometimes you couldn't receive VOR or pure DME stations for no reasons)
  • fixed wrong flaps gates
  • fixed winglets
  • fixed HDG SEL mode for turns more than 180 degrees

Version: 2.4.11:

  • Added baro setting alert to FPDS variant
  • Fixed the introduced issue with slow manual throttle response
  • Fixed the introduced issue with rising brake temperature when applying brakes in the air

Version 2.4.10:

  • Added some cockpit lamps glow
  • Added missed yaw dumper button text
  • Added TERR OVRD button
  • Made FLCH & VNAV_SPD ap modes sensitivity lower
  • A little retuned autoland to avoid possible long landing
  • Use AMD video driver > 20.10.1 to avoid possible displays flickering on AMD video cards
  • Changed brake temperature logic
  • Some fixes for lights and marching ants issues
  • Fixed the 757-200 fuselage
  • Fixed problems with Cross-Feed/Fuel Balancing
  • Fixed cleaning EICAS Messages "AFT FUEL X-FEED"/"FWD FUEL X-FEED"
  • Fixed some issues in failure scenarios logic and UI
  • Fixed reflections of eicas displays
  • Fixed speed trend vector in FPDS avionics
  • Fixed unexpected engines shutdown on loading in-sim situations like on-approach with in-sim engines running checkbox checked

THIS UPDATE IS FOR XP11 ONLY, WILL BREAK XP10 PLANE! Note: intermediate versions not present in the changelog were beta or not public versions.

Version 2.4.6:

  • Added support for X-Plane 11.50 running on Vulkan
  • Added VHF radio info file for PilotEdge
  • Added violations in the air-fuel mixture in which the engine can stop if the engine igniter is not turned on: heavy rains, icing of the engine, high turbulence, low fuel pressure
  • Deleted an option to enable BULK Temperature EICAS displays
  • Turned off sound notification "warning", and light "caution" - during the "Fire detection test"
  • Fixed ground service objects drawing in X-Plane 11.50 (Vulkan)
  • Fixed lamps for fire extinguishing handles
  • Fixed TAI indication
  • Fixed radials rendering for tuned navaids and fix info
  • Fixed clock display
  • Fixed logic of heat exchanging between fuel and environment air when wing anti-ice is active
  • Fixed some IRS lamps and states logic
  • Fixed DH window on the efis control panel
  • Fixed some buttons and lamps
  • Fixed THOMSON livery in in-pack livery package

Version 2.4.4:

  • Fixed the C-32 VR issue
  • Fixed VOR/ILS radial/course range (000-359)
  • Changed background color for autoland indication
  • Decreased main panel texture size, should increase fps a little

Version 2.4.3:

  • Added C-32 variant to Extended and Global packages
  • Added popups/popouts for EICASes and original displays
  • Added state saving for displays 2D windows
  • Added AntiAliasing (AA) slider to the tablet effects page (affects eadi, ehsi and route part for fpds displays)
  • Added TO STEP CLIMB and TO E/D lines to progress page (will appear when it should)
  • Added TO T/D line to CRZ page (will appear when it should)
  • Added shutdown IRS cycle logic
  • Added ATT align IRS cycle logic
  • Added MAP flag for FPDS displays
  • Added scavenger pump logic
  • Added engine vibration logic and failures
  • Added an option to enable blue colored style EICAS displays
  • Improved step climb calculation
  • Improved and fixed align and entering IRS pos logics
  • Made the magenta color calmer for original displays
  • Fixed flap maneuver speed indication
  • Fixed cockpit interaction in case of some multi-monitor configurations (with rotational offsets applied)
  • Fixed bug with charts window disappearing during if other window is in dragging state
  • Fixed incorrect warning level for the EICAS messages from IRS, AP and FMC
  • Fixed ISFD to use hdg from IRS in ATT mode
  • Fixed some graphical, 3d and lighting issues
  • Fixed some incorrect text in cockpit
  • Fixed some z-buffer issues

Version 2.3.14:

  • Fixed some marching ants
  • Small fix for cabin alt logic

Version 2.3.13:

  • Added fpds related failures (display, dcu, dcp)
  • Added copying mcp alt to scratch pad during active vnav crz (only pip)
  • Some fixes for route drawing (fpds)
  • Changed how plan mode looks (fpds)
  • Changed how pfd/nd look when irs is off or on but not ready (fpds)
  • Small fix for eicas carets rendering
  • Removed vref bug from speed tape for TO mode
  • Fixed loading fpl with disco (internal format)
  • Fixed limits for vMin and vMinManeuver speeds
  • Fixed flaps animation

Version 2.3.12:

  • Added rwy rising symbol to fpds
  • Added fpds display test pattern
  • Added saving/restoring windows positions and active context (pop-up or pop-out, etc.)

Version 2.3.11:

  • Added background for nav source symbols on nd
  • Fixed ISFD baro setting knob
  • Fixed right wxr brt knob (FPDS)
  • FPDS will not use vram when disabled
  • Disabled AA for some parts (route, fix info, etc) of pfd/nd by default, you can tune it on the effects page in the tablet (FPDS)

Version 2.3.10:

  • Added fix info data (radials and circles)
  • Added alt alert zone option
  • Fixed an issue with asymmetric (left/right) behavior on RR engines startup with limited off
  • Fixed the way altimeter minimal pressure is set
  • Fixed an issue with elapsed time
  • Fixed a bug in ISFD with 30 kts minimal speed displayed
  • Fixed FPDS specific checklists
  • Fixed issues with VTM
  • Fixed target speed symbol zoom again
  • Fixed right cdu pop-up clickzone
  • Fixed possible overlap for terr highest and lowest altitudes
  • Fixed little issue in dh&da logic
  • Some fixes for VOR MAN/AUTO logic
  • Allowed to select efis type with engines running

Version 2.2.26:

  • Refactored (~redone) the cockpit interaction system (clicksystem)
  • Added external web auth for navigraph charts
  • Added some messages inhibition
  • Added more custom commands, fixed mistakes in some commands
  • Added some info about new commands to the manual
  • Added an ability to correctly insert (after downselect) custom wpts (pbd, etc..) into the route on the legs page
  • Added a new metal sound
  • Added the ability to partially save and load cockpit configuration (just buttons, not systems states)
  • Improved situation with calculation predicted profile through VECTOR leg
  • Improved the DES NOW logic
  • Dir intc and hold at pages now can be fed by custom wpts from the route (pbd, etc...)
  • Make cockpit interaction system to work on all monitors in multi-monitor setup
  • Update joystick axes handling
  • Increased terrain database loading speed
  • Cleaned up the PW sounds
  • Decreased friction koeff in turns on the ground a bit
  • Fixed an "issue" with engine status
  • Fixed an issue with cabincall
  • Fixed some misspelling
  • Fixed avionics CTD when rte contains a vector leg and the next one is disco
  • Fixed soft crash in PA logic
  • Fixed <SEL>&<ACT> positions on the Arrival page
  • Fixed some issues on editing non-active route
  • Fixed possible micro stutters for Nvidia graphic cards with Threaded Optimization enabled
  • Fixed possible mouse lag during cockpit interaction
  • Fixed crash on Mac OS Mojave related to the Security settings
  • Fixed Navigraph login errors
  • Fixed checklist on the yoke

Version 2.2.18:

  • Added new rain effect
  • Added APU heat effect
  • Added new screenshots to the loading screen
  • Added some info to the manual
  • Added some fixes that theoretically should improve the situation with the sounds issue
  • Added custom particles and condensation effects
  • Fixed a crash with navigraph
  • Fixed right wing strobe light position
  • Fixed acf icao codes as per icao 8643
  • Fixed the 300 seats shift and some knobs
  • Fixed possibility of EFB full disappearing from screen
  • Fixed possible EFB scaling issue after modes changing
  • Fixed the autopilot oscillation issue
  • Fixed the reflections in the cockpit (shift issue)
  • Fixed RMI needle
  • Made an option for screen dirt
  • Reworked ground idle
  • Improved steering
  • Improved idle fuel usage
  • Several light fixes
  • Some fixes for unexpected terr radar activations on the ground
  • Remade the trim and made small changes to cg

Version 2.2.14:

  • Added dirt on displays
  • Added flaps gates in VR
  • Fixed tcas false positives due to spawning in-sim traffic
  • Fixed hints on ground menu page on freighter variant
  • Fixed some text in tooltips
  • Fixed VHF radio knobs
  • Made tcas to show targets from some third party plugins, like x-life
  • Removed unnecessary log entries

Version 2.2.13:

  • Added showing plane position on navigraph charts that support such functional
  • Added some docking points for better compatibility with ground services
  • Fixed navigraph charts in VR
  • Fixed reseting navigraph charts page on switching efb mode (horizontal/vertical)
  • Fixed broken sound on some Linux distributions
  • Fixed the case when pop-up screens weren't visible in different multi-monitor setups
  • Returned an ability to toggle keyboard input mode for cdu, now by clicking on cdu screen on pop-up window

Version 2.2.12:

  • Remade menu into an EFB
  • Added vertical EFB mode
  • Added support for navigraph charts and an appropriate page into EFB
  • Added EFB pop-out functionality
  • Added CDU pop-out functionality
  • Added full VR compatibility for all pop-outs
  • Added pop-out and VR functional for images charts
  • Added an option for yoke centering
  • Improved in-sim menu
  • Fixed a bug in fmc with crossing 180WE or 90SN
  • Fixed navigraph charts osx compatibility hopefully
  • Fixed sasl soft crash on baro altimeters sync
  • Fixed outside shadow in cabin
  • Fixed some bugs in vnav phase switching logic that could cause the plane doesn't climb
  • Small vehicle location fixes
  • Small fixes for tutorial
  • Tunned nose wheel steering time
  • Semi-reverted to the old taxi lever style
  • Moved checklists into the EFB

Version 2.2.6:

  • Fixed the lighting being on all the time
  • Fixed the UPS livery
  • Fixed the pushback control in VR
  • Changed the tiller control
  • Fixed a bug in PA messages
  • Fixed a minor marching ants bug
  • Fixed gear mismatch warning bug
  • Fixed random failures - working again

Version 2.2.5:

  • Added VR (oculus and vive) compatibility with two mode, native and custom (please see manual)
  • Added a VR test page to test VR controllers configuration
  • Added new vehicles
  • Added an ability to control nose wheel from the cockpit lever
  • Added plane loading and unloading on command
  • Added support of loading co-routes in ICAO format, see the manual for details
  • Added custom gear sequencing, now fully custom and close to reality
  • Implemented new lighting technology in the cockpit
  • Implemented a new failure scenario system - allows one to build large scale scenarios with failures events
  • Implemented missed ADI&HSI options
  • Made several visual and texture fixes
  • Made it so the spoiler shacking effect is now dependent on SHAKE ON TURB checkbox
  • Made available direct-to via the first line in legs in non original variants
  • Made changes to 3d lighting in the cockpit
  • Made some minor graphical changes to the exterior
  • Made some changes to the in-cockpit sounds (more 3d)
  • The CDU FIX page has been improved, now you can enter both: brg and dist at the same time to draw both things on the ND, circle and radial at the same time
  • Tunned the autothrottle to bring it closer to reality
  • Improved pos update logic (dead reckoning)
  • Improved vnav profile calculation stability
  • Graphical fixes in the cockpit
  • Fixed elevator animation
  • Fixed nav light
  • Fixed cabin door
  • Fixed nose wheel steering
  • Fixed text lighting on MCP
  • Fixed some issues with pushback
  • Fixed the issues with tiller and pedal algorithms
  • Fixed tilt indication on EHSI
  • Remote CDU: Fixed double-entering symbols by one touch on Android devices
  • Remote CDU: Fixed rendering the square symbol as emoji on mobile devices

Version 2.2.1 (public beta):

  • VR Kompatibilität hinzugefügt (öffentliche Beta-Version)
  • Neue Lichttechnik im Cockpit implementiert
  • Verschiedene visuelle Korrekturen und überarbeitete Texturen
  • Neue Fahrzeuge hinzugefügt
  • Korrigierte Aufzugsanimation
  • Be- und Entladen des Flugzeugs auf Kommando hinzugefügt
  • Spoiler Shacking Effekt ist nun abhängig von der SHAKE ON TURB Checkbox
  • CDU-Problem mit Emojies auf mobilen Endgeräten gelöst

Version 2.1.13:

  • Korrigierte Boarding-Tür
  • Korrigiert Abgasfarbe
  • Kleiner Fehler mit dem Gewicht der Frachtversion behoben
  • Korrigierte 753 Beacon
  • Fehler behoben, da die ELC- und EEC-Tasten bei ausgeschalteter Kraftstoffpumpe verschwanden
  • Korrigierte Steuerung des Trimmer Mausrads
  • Startton leiser (passend zum Motor im Leerlauf)
  • EGT-Begrenzer auf high OAT GA korrigiert
  • EGT limiter on high OAT GA fixed
  • Korreigierte Bremsen für XP11.10
  • Verbesserte flch ap mode Logik
  • Bessere Integration mit den VoiceCommander Profilen von sloboda

Version 2.1.11:

  • Problem mit Volumensprung auf Null korrigiert
  • Problem behoben, bei dem sich die Motorsteuerung nach einem Motorwechsel nicht korrekt verhielt
  • Problem mit BetterPushback korrigert, das hin und her schaukelte
  • Problem mit inverser Stabanimation behoben
  • Positionskorrektur der 300 Türen korrigiert (nur bei ausgefahrenen Türen)
  • 300 und Cargo zu Livree-Packs hinzugefügt
  • Rechtschreibfehler im Cockpit korrigiert
  • Höhere Realitätsanforderungen (realism level requirement) für hängenden Start hinzugefügt

Version 2.1.10:

  • Modelle -300 und -RF hinzugefügt
  • Neue Panel-Fonts hinzugefügt
  • Neue Cockpitlampen mit Effekten
  • Optimierung neuer Cockpit-Grafikeffekten für XP11 (nur XP11)
  • Motoreffekte hinzugefügt (z.B. Enteisung) (nur XP11)
  • Neue Motoren-Algorithmen für XP11 optimiert (nur XP11)
  • Neue Bremsen-Algorithmen für XP11 optimiert (nur XP11)
  • Optionaler Update-Dialog beim Startup hinzugefügt
  • Zusätzliche Flexibilität bei Co-Routing von Speicherorten
  • Unterstützung der tuneNav & tuneAdf Tasten im Kartenfenster (nur XP11)
  • OFF-Tooltipps hinzugefügt
  • ELC-Funktionalität hinzugefügt
  • Option für 8.33Khz Radio
  • Automatischer Tiller-Support hinzugefügt
  • Neues EGT, N2, N3 Modell (nur XP11)
  • Umbau der Flugzeugkabine, neue 3D-Modelle und Grafiken
  • Cockpitmarkierungen erneuert
  • Abgestimmte Ein-/Ausgeschwindigkeiten der Klappen - viel realitätsnäher
  • Startprozedur und Parameter abgestimmt (nur XP11)
  • Wingflex abgestimmt
  • Widerstand von Getriebe und flt-Kontrolle angepasst (nur XP11)
  • Anpassung der Flugzeugsteuerung (nur XP11)
  • Re-tuned Rudder Max Deflection, Drehdämpfer und Rollout Modus (nur XP11)
  • Absturz beim Start von ReShade behoben
  • Problem mit Brennstoffwechsel über das XP-Menü und andere externe Systeme behoben
  • Korrektur der XP10 EICAS Querruderanzeige
  • Kleinere Fehler in der afds Logik behoben
  • Intermittierenden Hydraulikausfall korrigiert
  • Rundumleuchte korrigiert
  • Schüttel- und Soundeffekt bei Spoilerverlängerung hinzugefügt/korrigiert
  • Problem korrigiert, bei dem die Starthüllkurve während des Fluges im Leerlauf angezeigt wurde
  • Hdg-Springproblem behoben, wenn von hdg Hold zu hdg Select gewechselt wurde
  • CTD auf DES-Seite wegen Pufferüberlauf korrigiert
  • Rechte cdu-Standardposition auf die rechte Seite verschoben
  • APU Startsequenz geändert
  • Parkbremse beim Start in der  Luft entfernt
  • Drehdämpfer ist wieder lebendig (nur XP11)
  • Die a/t disc Taste deaktiviert nun die Warnung a/t, wenn die Taste zweimal gedrückt wird
  • Kleinere Korrekturen für die Steigberechnung und clb_dir Funktion
  • Kleine Korrektur für tod Kalkulation
  • Epr-Referenzberechnung erfolgt nun für alle TMC-Schubmodi in Echtzeit
  • Schatten in der Kabine korrigiert

Version 2.0.27:

  • "2*pi" Problem korrigiert
  • Lichtprobleme am Flügel korrigiert
  • Kompatibilität mit BetterPushback hinzugefügt (Version 0.29 oder höher wird benötigt)
  • Probleme mit Mausrad in einigen Interaktion-Modi behoben

Version 2.026:

  • Lichter der Flügel korrigiert
  • Problem mit XP11 Heck- und Tragflächen Beleuchtung behoben
  • Linke Klappenfunktion korrigiert
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