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  • FAsimulations
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  • 3.0
This is an updated version of our popular Helsinki Metropolitan VFR Scenery (HMS) by... altro
Informazione prodotto "Helsinki Metropolitan VFR Scenery V3 XP"

This is an updated version of our popular Helsinki Metropolitan VFR Scenery (HMS) by FAsimulations. Large part of the scenery has been built from scratch, especially the Helsinki main city area and a new orthophoto (from 2020) has been added.
Helsinki has changed a lot between 2016 and 2021. Now you can see the changes yourself in X-Plane! You will find this a diverse and beautiful area, filled with cities, towns, villages, lakes, national parks, forests, etc. Thousands of objects have been hand placed on the underlying photo scenery (buildings, lights, trees, forests).

Custom lighting has been built to replace the default X-Plane lighting. This ensures very realistic experience of flying at dusk/dawn and night. Hundreds of hand modeled custom objects have been placed into the scenery to capture the true spirit of Helsinki.

  • Over 4000 square kilometres (1544 square miles) of detailed scenery
  •  50cm/pixel resolution in the ortho scenery (approx zoom level 16-17)
  • Includes summer textures (winter textures will come later)
  • Decals added to the whole scenery (will give you detailed terrain all the way to the ground)
  • Hundreds of custom built objects placed accurately on the orthophoto
  • Extremely detailed forests, over 10 forest files used to accurately represent the forests of the scenery. The forests cover the whole scenery and match closely the underlying orthophoto
  • Custom built HDR-night lighting for the whole area. Night/dusk/dawn flying has never been so realistic
  • Two custom built airfields in the scenery (EFNU and EFMN)
  • Extremely detailed Meilahti hospital helipad (EFHY)
  • Detailed helipad on passenger ship Silja Serenade
  • Detailed helipad on top of Helsinki central fire station
  • You can land a helicopter on all high buildings
  • Custom built OSM-facades for the whole area. Southern Finland has very good OSM-coverage, so the scenery is filled with buildings
  • Hand edited shorelines for very realistic coastlines
  • Works with Truscenery airports, also with all other payware airports in the area. Airports must be above all HMS files in your scenery_packs.ini file
  • Extra areas, HEMS missions and high resolution terrain ortho can be downloaded from FAsimulations website
  • Remember to delete all HMS files from the previous versions (1&2)
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  • X-Plane 11.41+
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit), Linux Ubuntu LTS or macOS (Mojave+)
  • Graphics card: min. 4 GB (8 GB VRAM recommended)
  • Download size: 7.4 GB

If you have already purchased the previous X-Plane 10 version Helsinki Metropolitan VFR Scenery in the Aerosoft Shop, the following upgrade option is available when you purchase the new version:

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    Just add the product to the shopping cart and the discount will be automatically deducted.

Note: To do this, you must be logged in to your customer account you used to purchase the previous version.

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