OMSI 2 Add-on Bremen-Nord - Update V1.021

The OMSI 2 add-on Bremen-Nord has been updated to version 1.021. You will receive the update automatically via the platform Steam. The following changes have been made:

Changelog v1-011

  • Erroneous tile files deleted

Changelog v1-012

  • Fix: ticket pack (connection ticket is no longer sold)
  • Fix: Auxiliary arrow on the community center is no longer blocked by trees
  • Fix: Floating backdrop on the freeway in the Aumund area
  • Fix: Entrypoint "Buschdeel" made available for all years
  • Fix: Chrono "Track changes": stop sign "Bf Turnerstr." Towards Bf Blumenthal is again inscribed
  • Fix: Haven Höövt Boundingbox
  • Fix: Station Link: Bf Vegesack => Bf Vegesack WP Platform 3 Exterior
  • Fix: Positions of the bus cube "Ermlandstrasse exit" and depot waiting position changed
  • Fix: Request distance traffic light BF Blumenthal changed
  • Overview CTI changed
  • New: Gulls group added
  • New: Entrypoint "Borchsholt"
  • New: preparations for New Year's Eve / New Year
  • New: different graphic settings available

Changelog v1-021

  • Large Texture Update: In this patch we provide a LowRes texture for each object. LowRes means that the texture of the object is downgraded and thus looks washed out. This doesn't look well, but it saves a lot of texture memory. This feature is optimal for weaker PC systems and can greatly improve performance. You can activate the low res textures in the OMSI settings.


Map & Other:

  • New: Manual in English version 1.0 included
  • New: Announcements "An der Lehmkuhle" and "Bf Turnerstr." added
  • New: Entrypoint "Bf Turnerstr."
  • New: Extra stop for leaving the Bf Vegesack (76/78/79) not applicable, exit at the waiting position (fixes missing timetable evaluation)
  • New: auxiliary arrows
  • Fix: Fonts adjusted
  • Fix: ticket packs (children are available again and no longer cause an error)
  • Fix: Railway BFA-BVE
  • Design changes on the entire map
  • Internet textures disabled for the moment
  • Overview CTI changed


  • New: heating starts automatically at engine start (only on Bremen)
  • New: additional mirror can be deactivated via CTI & printer (vis_additional mirror)
  • New: IBISPlus: Previous and following stop announcements can be played on the display by clicking on the stop
  • New: seats and air conditioning (in front) are now repaintable
  • New: Reduced template for KI-MAN (BSAG)
  • Fix: driver views changed
  • Fix: changed matrix formatting and target text centering
  • Fix: IBIS Plus shows only 4 stops
  • Fix: Money is no longer floating in the air
  • Fix: EvendPC can not be rotated 360 degrees anymore
  • Fix: Black square under the bus removed
  • Fix: TFT monitor now shows stop request
  • Fix: Exterior sliding door no longer opens through mirrors
  • Fix: Forcefeedback adjusted
  • Fix: Mesh error of exterior swing door fixed
  • Fix: people are not in door 3 anymore
  • Fix: IBIS Plus finish (time)
  • Fix: Incorrect description, caused by umlauts
  • Fix: seat texture
  • Fix: timetable reflection
  • Fix: Added some symbols in the VDV display
  • Fix: Buses in the selection window are now the correct size
  • Fix: rolling noise
  • Fix: Templates for A23 & A37 to max. 4096 x 2048 reduced
  • Fix: lift A37

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