FS2Crew: Wilco feelThere Airbus Special Edition

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  • 1.20
Features: Real Airbus SOPs and checklists in a multi-crew environment! You are the... more
Product information "FS2Crew: Wilco feelThere Airbus Special Edition"


  • Real Airbus SOPs and checklists in a multi-crew environment!
  • You are the Captain and Pilot Flying (PF). The FO will perform his flows and make calls just like he would in real life. He'll even fill out a very realistic Takeoff Data Card and hand it to you!
  • The most realistic Airbus experience ever! A must have for serious Airbus pilots!
  • Designed in close consultation with a real-world Airbus pilot to ensure maximum fidelity to actual Airbus procedures.
  • Interact with your First Officer, the FA and the ground crew including Company ops.
  • Experience FS2Crew's brand-new (and very user friendly) graphical user interface system.
  • Tackle new situations: Air Rage, Bird Strikes and even Passengers smoking in the Lavatory!
  • Voices recorded by real-world flight and cabin crew.
  • Comprehensive manual will get you up and running in no time!
  • Make custom PA announcements to your passengers using a list of over 70 pre-recorded world cities.
  • New systems added to the FeelThere Airbus Series: Enhanced Audio Control Panel (ACP) and oxygen test panel.
  • New systems added to the FeelThere Airbus Series: Enhanced Audio Control Panel (ACP) and oxygen test panel.
  • Realistic pushback/start crew with an international, region-specific accent set: American English, UK, French, Spanish and German.
  • Listen to FA Cabin announcements recorded right out of a real airliner!
  • New FS2Crew technology allows you to interface with the simulation using your joystick, your mouse or your keyboard!
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Installations-Size: 200 MB

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