Airbus Series "You have Control" - A318/A319/A320/A321 Vol. 1

Airbus Series "You have Control" - A318/A319/A320/A321 Vol. 1
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The book has been completely revised, significantly expanded and reorganized. It also has been... more
Product information "Airbus Series "You have Control" - A318/A319/A320/A321 Vol. 1"

The book has been completely revised, significantly expanded and reorganized. It also has been included some suggestions from various forums. Emphasis was placed on the practical part, which missed out in the first edition.

Priorities of the book are handling, operating procedures and systems of the Airbus A320. The differences to the other A320 Family members (A318, A319 and A321) weren’t missed out. Side issues such as weather and navigation methods aren’t part of the book and only mentioned as far as necessary for the understanding of the respective chapter.

The base is the Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons Airbus A318-319 and A320-A321 of Aerosoft. The themes were kept more generally, so that the book is applicable to other add-on products as well as general Airbus information.

The book focuses at flight simulator enthusiasts, not professional pilots or those who want to become ones. It describes the most important procedures for flight simulator pilots and provides additional information of general interest. It is not a training manual and may not be used for realism flight training.

Chapter 1: Airbus Evolution
The Chapter gives summery of the Airbus A320 Family and the single development levels. Some technical data complete the overview.

Chapter 2: Flight Simulation
A short introduction to the technology of modern flight simulation should make the start into flight simulator training easier for the readers.
Chapter 3: A320 Systems
The chapter deals with the function and handling of the most important systems of Airbus A320 systems. The Fly-by-wire flight control is attributed special significance.
Chapter 4: Auto-Flight-System
This chapters focus is layed on the comprehension of Auto-Flight Modes and their application for flying with autopilot as well as manual with the Flight Director.
Chapter 5: FMS-Initialization
The inputs of flight planning information into the flight management system are issue of this chapter. They are the conditions for flights to execute completely economic and according to flight specifications.
Chapter 6: Flight-Management and Guidance System – Part 1
Basierend auf den im Kapitel 4 eingegebenen Flugplanungs-Daten, wird das Airbus
Flugmanagement mit den Basisfunktionen erklärt.
Based on the inputs of chapter 4, the Airbus flight management with its basic functions will be explained.
Chapter 7: Flight-Management and Guidance System – Part 2
The information of chapter 5 & 6 are implemented by a short, practical flight training.
Chapter 8: Flight-Management and Guidance System –Part 3
The chapter deals with extended functions of flight management or special procedures.
Chapter 9: Procedure Training
Based on the previous FMGS training, Airbus procedures will train in depth. Thereby the emphasis is put on various  take-off and approaching procedures.
Chapter 10: Basic Flight Training
The basic training concentrate on the correct Airbus configuration of take-off and landing as well as manual flying. You train flying by circling approaches.
Chapter 11: Assets
You can find additional and more detailed information of the flight instruments.
Abbreviations The list of list of abbreviations forms the book conclusion.

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