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The new Switzerland professional is the ultimate VFR-scenery and is now made for the P3D V4!... more
Product information "Switzerland professional (P3D V4)"

The new Switzerland professional is the ultimate VFR-scenery and is now made for the P3D V4! Every 3D object has been positioned absolutely realistic in whole Switzerland. The houses are placed at the actual spot. The trees and forests in 3D are precisely set. To thrill the scenery, all sightseeing spots like the house of parliament in Bern, the great minster of Zurich, the chapel bridge in Lucerne, the cathedral of St. Gall and lots more are highlights to enjoy your flights.

New landmarks:

  • Leibstadt
  • Säntis
  • Sitterbrücke SOB
  • Thun
  • Schloss Lenzburg
  • Sendeturm Beromünster
  • Schloss Sargans
  • Münster
  • Kehrichtverbrennungsanlage
  • Kornhaus
  • Ravoire
  • Luzern Kappelbrücke
  • Sendeturm Monte Ceneri
  • Windpark Mont Soleil
  • Berner Fussball Arena
  • Glattzentrum
  • Saali Hoch
  • Zytglogge Bern
  • Migrosgebäude Zürich
  • Mariott Hotel Zürich
  • Bundeshaus Bern
  • KVA Geb
  • AKW Mühleberg
  • Sender Bantiger
  • Hardau Türme Zürich
  • Stade de Suisse
  • Stadt-Kloster SG
  • Sendeturm Mont Gibloux
  • Sunrise Tower Zürich
  • Burgruine Ardez
  • Wasserfluh
  • Ulmizberg Aussichtsturm
  • BEA Bernexpo
  • Thun Kirche
  • Ganterbrücke
  • Bachtel Zürcher Oberland
  • Migros Zürich
  • Sender Sottens
  • Uetliberg Zürich
  • Monte Leone
  • Hornfluh Sender
  • Stockalper Schloss Brig
  • LaDole
  • SBB Sitterviadukt St. Gallen
  • Swissotel Oerlikon
  • Swisscomgebäude Ostermundigen
  • BIZ
  • Lorraine Bern
  • Grosmmuenster
  • Chasseral
  • Eigerhaus
  • Saentis Sendeturm
  • Schloss Tarasp
  • Messeturm Basel
  • Generosox
  • Curlinghalle
  • Rigi
  • Uetliberg Aussichtsturm Zürich
  • Citywest Zürich
  • Gösgen AKW
  • Kirchenfeld
  • Hochhaus Köniz
  • Chrischona Sender Basel
  • Lonza Gebäude
  • Hospiz
  • Leuk Sat
  • ETH Hochschule Zürich
  • Rathaus
  • Berghütte Grosser Mythen
  • Kloster Einsiedeln

System requirements:
Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V4-V4.3
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)
CPU: Quad Core with 3,5 GHz
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)
Graphics card: 8 GB VRAM (DirectX 11)
Download-Size: 15 GB

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