JTG - RABe 523 Aufgabenpaket Vol. 1

Train Simulator 2021
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The "FLIRT" low-floor multiple-unit train developed by Stadler Rail is still regarded today as... more
Product information "JTG - RABe 523 Aufgabenpaket Vol. 1"

The "FLIRT" low-floor multiple-unit train developed by Stadler Rail is still regarded today as an all-rounder in regional and suburban rail transport and was originally developed for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). At SBB, this train is known as RABe 523, among others. This vehicle is well known for its reliability and good acceleration and braking values. Runs like a Swiss clockwork can be heard in railway circles.

In this task package you will experience the Stadler Flirt from Rivet Games on the picturesque Gotthard railway line, which is famous for its numerous helical tunnels. Support the Swiss Federal Railway on an acceptance run and provide trains for regular operations. Take passengers to their destination in the morning with the "Milkchurn Express" and master a tight timetable as a Regional Express over the entire route of the Gotthard Railway.

Included scenarios:

  • [RABe 523] JTG – The Acceptance Run
  • [RABe 523] JTG – The Supplier
  • [RABe 523] JTG – The Milkchurn Express
  • [RABe 523] JTG – Commuter Service to Belliziona


  • Custom announcements
  • Various, exciting tasks
  • 4 scenarios on the Gotthardbahn

Required add-ons:

  • RABe 523 (Rivet Games)
  • Gotthardbahn (Rivet Games)

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Train Simulator (latest version)
Windows  8 / 10
Core2Duo with at least 2.8 GHz or similar
Main memory: 4.0 GB
3D graphics with at least 512 MB
500 MB free hard disk space

Required add-ons:

  • RABe 523 (Rivet Games)
  • Gotthardbahn (Rivet Games)

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