SoFly - Landing Challenge Pro | Update

The MSFS DLC Landing Challenge Pro of SoFly has been updated to version 1.1.0 and 6 additional challenges have been added:

  • LaGuardia Expressway Visual
    The Big Apple has some of the busiest air space in the world and the high-rise buildings often make approaching the city a challenge. LaGuardia Airport, in particular, has a challenging approach right over Flushing Bay.
  • See Mount Vesuvius
    Whilst Mount Vesuvius has been dormant for many years, it still offers a stunning approach to the Italian city. This popular route for many European airlines is the latest approach for you to take on.
  • Discover Tioman
    Tioman Island lies off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is known for its dive sites, nature reserves and shipwrecks. Test your piloting ability with this beach-side airport.
  • Airport in the Brazilian City
    This airport is situated in the heart of Sao Paulo, but being surrounded by numerous high-rise buildings and having a short runway provides pilots with a huge challenge. Do your best to avoid the major city below you as you land in this Brazilian city.
  • Great Barrier Reef Approach
    One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Its popularity has meant the airport continues to grow and bring passengers to the area. Your approach today will take you right over some incredibly scenic views.
  • Another Dangerous Alps Landing
    The alps have many challenging approaches and Megeve Airport is yet another one ready to test your skills. Pilot yourself around the treacherous terrain as you land on this sloping runway high up in the mountains.

Each of the new 6 new challenges poses its own difficulty level and takes on another worldwide trip visiting all-new airports.

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