MSFS DLC 4FlightSims - SkyElite I Update

Das Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC 4FlightSims - SkyElite wurde auf die Version 1.2 aktualisiert. Folgende Änderungen wurden vorgenommen:

New features:

  • SkyElite predefined profiles: screen configurations are saved and persistent by profile
  • Airport Document Manager: includes PDF document viewer for charts or other kind of documents, and flight plan files management. Flight plan file loading from SkyElite
  • New option “DELETE” in FPL menu clears current loaded flight plan from the GPS
  • New option “RELOAD” in the MENU reloads/re-starts the last started flight
  • New map feature: double-click or double-touch in any area of the map centers the plane on map and recovers follow plane function
  • Music screen re-designed and improved. Now users can upload and manage mp3 files from the music page. Folder creation and file administration is now possible from this screen
  • Engine indicators are improved to show CHT when ITT is not present in current loaded aircraft
  • When a flight is started, now map starts in LAND mode if plane is on ground
  • Barometer value can now be entered by virtual keyboard, by clicking or touching on it


Bug fixes:

  • Airport screen grid columns size adjusted for better view in some devices
  • Users can select multiple mp3 files in music screen and it plays them all in loops
  • The GPS deflection/deviation needle is now operative when flying a flight plan
  • Fixed some issues with turning PFD on. Sometimes was not working properly
  • PFD wind indicator size and position improved
  • Reference speeds indicator size and position improved
  • Overall PFD elements improved for some devices viewing
  • FLC button fixed, if activated, nose up/down buttons are for IAS up/down: This function requires knowledge from users of using FLC in MSFS, other AP elements are required for this function, like selected altitude to be set properly, otherwise it will not work
  • FPL screen columns fixed. Name of the waypoint is shown now when available


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