Available now: Helgoland FSX V2.0

Helgoland FSX V2.0 is the successor to the popular Helgoland and compatible with FSX and FSX:Steam. Large parts of the scenery were created from scratch, an even higher level of detail and countless new and exciting options for your flight simulator. An island in a new look!

New features of this version:

  • Entirely updated Duene island layout
    - New image material, improved resolution
    - Runways and apron with high-resolution textures (~5cm/pix)
    - Improved rain effects
    - Updated airport buildings with restaurant terrace and transparent tower windows
    - OLT hangar on its correct position plus some smaller corrections
    - Thousands of vegetation objects and vegetation on dunes added
    - Hundreds of beach chair added
    - New bungalow settlement added
    - Seals at the beaches added
    - ATC functionality added
    - Updated island cliffs with more realistic textures
    - Updated aerial imagery to match 2018 status
    - Offshore "Südhafen" energy company buildings with clutter
  • Detailed offshore maintenance heliport connected to the SAR heliport
    - Very high ground resolution for both helipads
    - SAR heliport details added (improved fences, signs, etc)
  • 4 offshore wind parks with 4 platforms and their helipads


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