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You own an older Aerosoft product and would like to upgrade your copy for FSX? Our recomendation: "Use our cost-saving Upgrade-Service and save a lot of money!" All you need to do is to send your old product CD to aerosoft GmbH. Please add a short message containing the following information:

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Important note: Please note that you just have to send us the product CD NOT the whole package with the manuals etc.

As we need the "old" CD we will not accept update orders via Internet.

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Available Upgrade-Versions:

Full upgrade :

The complete full boxed product incl. the new CD version, printed manual and documentation.

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Madeira X Evolution
Discover the splendor of Madeira with Aerosofts latest high-end scenery project Madeira X. Areal images of 50 cm per pixel placed on a 9.5 meter mesh form the background for two highly detailed and demanding airports Funchal and Porto Santo. All the functions of FSX come to life in this brand new product.

Please send us the original CD of "Scenery Madeira" for FSX.
available Full upgrade
17,99 €
Balearic Islands X Evolution

Holiday break? Where do you want to go? Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza rank among the most popular destinations – for tourists and pilots alike. „Balearic Islands X Evolution“ includes the entire archipelago in one box for your holiday experience!

Please send us the original CD of "Balearic Islands X"


Full upgrade
39,99 €

XPlane 11

XPlane 11 is the latest version in the flight simulator series for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. In this simulator, there is a whole world to discover. Thanks to its open structure, all users and enthusiasts can change every single part of it and adapt it to their preferences.

Please send us the original DVD 8 of "X-Plane 10"


Full upgrade
49,95 €

Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0

The busiest airport in Germany, Frankfurt Airport, is now available for FSX and Prepar3D V3. This stunning scenery created by the award-winning German Airports Team conveys the ultimate Mega Airport feeling. Get started in international aviation and depart from Germany`s main hub. Realistically scaled and with all airport buildings modeled, this add-on takes you on a huge journey.

Please send us the original CD of the "Mega Airport Frankfurt X"


Full upgrade
22,99 €

Mega Airport Zurich V2.0

The Airport Zurich (previously Zurich-Kloten) is the largest airport of Switzerland, now in a brand new version for FSX, P3D and FSX: Steam Edition. This completely new scenery is full details, including every building and the entire airport environment, docking systems and all features you would expect from a modern scenery for FSX and P3D.

Please send us the original CD of "Mega Airport Zurich V2.0"


Full upgrade
12,99 €

Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended

Line up on the "String of Pearls" and land on Europe`s busiest airport London Heathrow. The prize winning SimWings Team has once again pushed the limits of modeling a perfect mega hub with London Heathrow Xtended representing the actual and up to date stage of its real world counterpart.

Please send us the original CD of "Mega Airport London Heathrow"


Full upgrade
19,95 €

Mega Airport Lissabon V2.0

Enjoy flying to the Mega Airport Lisbon V2.0, Portugal´s major airport and hub. Modeled to the smallest of details you will find all buildings, installations, docking-systems, just about everything you can expect from a modern airport and of course a modern 3D realization.

Please send us the original CD of "Mega Airport Lisbon"


Full upgrade
14,99 €

Mega Airport Oslo V2.0

Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 is a highly realistic recreation of the airport with a high level of detail based on the plans for the 2017 expansion. It includes sharp high resolution textures with beautiful night and seasonal textures.

Please send us the original CD of "Mega Airport
Oslo-Gardermoen X"


Full upgrade
14,99 €

Twin Otter Extended

The Twin Otter is truly the small airliner that does it all. There is no aircraft that can land on tarmac runways, mudflats, water, sand, snow and ice. There is also no aircraft that does regular scheduled flights in both the Polar Regions, to airports at extreme altitude, tropical islands and to a beach in the UK. And it still does all that after decades or service. It is really a remarkable aircraft.

Please send us the original CD of "Twin Otter X"


Full upgrade
27,99 €

VFR Germany 2010 - West

VFR Germany 2010 - West" is the revised version of "VFR Germany 1 - West", with numerous new VFR-objects and new high resolution aerial images. "VFR Germany 2010 - West" offers a realistic visual flight experience

Please send us the original CD of "VFR Germany 1 -West"


Full upgrade
24,99 €


German Airports 3 - 2012
The German Airports Team are again setting new standards in terms of quality, realism, and friendly frame rates with their complete overhaul of the German Airports 3 package. All airports are developed according to their actual status with all buildings, objects installments and navigational aids representing the real life airports. Airports included are Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin-Tegel, Paderborn-Lippstadt and Luebeck.

Please send us the original CD of "German Airports 3" for FS2004

Full upgrade(German Airports 3 for FS2004 =>German Airports 3 - 2012)
29.99 €


 German Airports 2 - 2012
The German Airports Team is again setting new standards in terms of quality, realism, and friendly frame rates. All airports are developed according to the 2012 status. Included are the airports of Cologne/Bonn, Hanover, Dortmund, Munster/Osnabruck and Leipzig/Halle in an absolutely astonishing quality.

Only available from min. FS2002 Version


Full upgrade(German Airports 2 for the FS2002 => German Airports 2-2012)
29.99 €



Off to the next round! Experience a new omnibus simulator with OMSI 2 and start discovering Spandau while driving the omnibus. OMSI 2 is the successor of the well-known and awarded omnibus simulator "OMSI - The Bus Simulator". OMSI 2 not only offers the routes and buses you already know from OMSI, but adds lots of exciting new features. In OMSI 2 you can drive the first ever articulated bus in the OMSI history, the MAN NG272. Explore the new omnibus line 5 covering a total distance of 12 km from the subway station Ruhleben to the psychiatric clinic Spandau. Thanks to the newly added chronology function you´ll not only be able to drive through Spandau in 1986, but also to relive the changes taking place in Spandau between 1986 and 1994.

Please send us the original CD of OMSI 1


Full upgrade
19,99 €

OMSI 2 Add-on Vienna 1 - Line 24A

Be a bus driver! Have you ever dreamt of being a bus driver? Well, now you can take your seat behind the steering wheel of faithfully recreated service buses of the "Wiener Linien"! Fully functional cockpits with lots of animations and realistic sounds ensure high authenticity and create a simulation with the true flair of Vienna!

Please send us the original CD of OMSI Add-On Wien - Der Hochflur Bus LU 200


Full upgrade
14,99 €

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