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In X-Plane 12, every major aspect of how we simulate the world and its effects on aviation has been rewritten based on first-principles physics and real-world data with tireless pursuit of realism. We are happy to share that with you now via X-Plane 12 .

What’s New:

  • Photometric, HDR Lighting Engine
  • The 4D Weather Engine
  • Seven New Aircraft – A330, Citation X, SR22, RV-10, F-14 Tomcat, PA-18, R-22, Lancair Evolution
  • Volumetric 3D Clouds
  • Seasonal/Weather-Specific Visual Effects – Snow, Variable Vegetation, Ice and Rain
  • New 3D Forests, Water, Vegetation

X-Plane 12 includes:

  • Universal platform support (Windows, Mac with Native ARM Support and Linux)
  • Global scenery
  • 19 high-quality aircraft with immersive 3-D cockpits
  • Access to X-Plane 12 without time limits
  • Free internet updates for all versions of 12.xx
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