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Seychelles XP | Update 1.1

Seychelles XP has been updated! This new version fixes a few issues with the terrain mesh for X-Plane 12 beta/early access. It hotfixes, inter alia, "gaps" between waterbodies and landmasses. A more extensive update of Seychelles XP - which will then also make use of new X-Plane 12 features - is planned for a later date, when X-Plane 12 is in a more advanced stage.

Seychelles XP awaits you with a stunning landscape, the International Airport on Mahé, the Regional Airport on Praslin, and more than a dozen additional, scenic landing-sites for your smaller aircrafts and helicopters. More detailed information on the product page and in the developer blog.

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Seychelles XP Seychelles XP
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