Thrustmaster - TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition

The Thrustmaster - TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition is now available in the Aerosoft Online Shop.

The first control horn inspired by the iconic Boeing 787. It replicates the kinematics of the aircraft and allows the user to have the same flight experience as real Boeing pilots thanks to Thrustmaster's PENDUL_R mechanism.

In combination with a 3-axis thrust lever quadrant with interchangeable levers and the TM Flying Desk Mount (a solid metal mounting system), the TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition delivers a unique, superlative airliner flying experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator (on Xbox Series X|S and PC) and in the best flight simulation games on Xbox® and PC.

TCA Yoke Boeing Edition

  • The first officially licensed control horn from Boeing, inspired by the legendary Boeing 787 (1:1 scale control horn)
  • Solid metal frame: for superior stability and resilience
  • Thrustmaster PENDUL_R: Experience smooth movement and linear power over the entire 21 cm pitch axis travel range


TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition

  • Ergonomic replica of the iconic Boeing thrust lever quadrant, for absolutely realistic takeoffs and landings in games
  • axles with interchangeable levers (4 levers included) to configure the thrust lever quadrant:
    • Double thrust levers with functional thrust reversal functions and buttons for automatic thrust.
    • Levers for brakes and landing flaps to control the flight sequences


Take off with the official replica of the Boeing flight controls!

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