Next Level Racing | Out now

The new flight cockpits by Next Level Racing - in the editions Light and Boeing Commercial - are now available in the Aerosoft Shop.

The Boeing Commercial Edition cockpit offers a wide range of configurations to suit different classes of flight, including Combat, Space, Commercial, and General Aviation. The cockpit is compatible with a wide range of electronics such as yokes, joysticks, and throttles for all major brands. The Boeing inspired components like the faux wool seat covering and blue Boeing highlights offer the perfect setup for all Boeing pilots.

The Flight Simulator Lite on the other hand is the perfect solution for users that enjoy commercial, combat, and space flight simulation. With a wide range of height and distance adjustments, the Flight Simulator Lite can be used by a wide range of users. It is also compatible with most major racing electronics, allowing the user to experience racing and flight in the same compact cockpit with the ease of swapping electronics.

Take to the skies now - with Next Level Racing!