ToLiss A320 NEO | Update

Update 1.0.2 for the ToLiss A320 NEO is now available for download! In addition to several bug fixes, the in-cockpit sound has also been improved.
With this patch and the 1.0.1 update, the XP11/12 addon has received a lot of new features since the release in March:

  •  Sound improvements, including engine noise reduction at high altitude/high Mach numbers for a more realistic experience

  • Support for native mode on M1/M2 Apple Macintosh computers

  • Added Radio altimeter failures

  • Added support for copilot joystick axes (pitch, roll, yaw, pedal brakes and tiller) with accurate Dual Input and priority logics

  • Added animated ground service stairs at passenger doors

  • Added animated sunblinds

  • Oil temperature indication on ECAM adjusted for the particularities of the different engine types

  • Added cockpit console lights

  • Automatic reversal to departure or arrival ATIS requests on Hoppie network if regular ATIS is not available

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