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The Lockheed F-104G Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft which was... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sim Skunk Works - Lockheed Martin TF-104G"

The Lockheed F-104G Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft which was extensively deployed as a fighter-bomber during the Cold War.


  • Highly detailed model, fully animated, both front and rear cockpit
  • Highly detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working
  • Complete 3D-lights systems both internal and external


  • Multinational liveries
  • A complete paintkit will soon be available for painters (upon request)


  • Almost all real systems have been modelled and working as the real thing
  • Flight dynamics modelled 99% close to the real aircraft
  • Fully tested and validated by qualified real-world F-104 pilot
  • Aerodynamic pitch up, inertia coupling and BLC system reproduced
  • Payload drop actually changes aircraft weight, balance and drag as well
  • Inertial navigator Litton LN-3 fully implemented
  •  Fully functional and close to real NASARR R-15, A/G and A/A mode with:
    • STT (Single track target)
    • LOCK-ON
    • ATTACK

The SSW F/RF-104G uses the Dynamic Drag Index concept; i.e. when you load/drop external loads not only is the GW changed but also the drag coefficient is affected and the model aerodynamics change accordingly. This is particularly important in the F-104 where external loads affect greatly the dynamic behaviour of the model.

A custom sound set has been developed from scratch, using live recording to give you a full immersion into the Zipper environment. If you are a Zipper fan,you will enjoy staying outside and 'playing' with the throttle, listening to it's unique voice.

The model comes with complete docs including:

  • Three pilot checklists (normal, emergency,weapon procedures)
  • Zipper hints (a doc that help the pilot to use it effectively)
  • NASAR R15A simple user guide
  • Original 700-page Flight Manual in PDF format
  • User support help desk at


Fazit aus dem FS Magazin 3-2022:
"Kaum ein Pilot, der von der F-104 nicht angetan wäre. Die Maschine sieht ästhetisch aus und erfüllt die Voraussetzungen für eine ernsthafte Simulation.

Mit dieser Maschine haben virtuelle Piloten viele Möglichkeiten an der Hand, ihre Fähigkeiten in der Flugsimulation zu erweitern.

Den Tipp der Redaktion für dieses tolle Flugzeug!"

Fazit aus dem FS Magazin 4-2022:
[..] Weil die SSW-Dokumentation dieses Thema nur oberflächlich behandelt und die Redaktion mehrere Anfragen dazu erhalten hat, gibt es hier eine ausführliche Anleitung für das Erstellen und Laden eines Flugplanes für die TF-104G. Sie gilt auch für die Anfang April erschienene Einsitzer-Version F/RF-104G.

Gemessen an den technischen Möglichkeiten der 1950er Jahre, in denen die F-104 entwickelt wurde, hat Lockheed dem Starfighter ein erstaunlich leistungsfähiges bodenunabhängiges Navigationssystem mitgegeben. [..] Die Flugplanerstellung für dieses System in der TF-104G von SSW erfordert allerdings mehr Aufwand, als wir es gewohnt sind.

Doch das sollte der Simmer verschmerzen können. Schließlich war in der Zeit des Starfighters nicht nur das Fliegen viel mehr „Handarbeit“ als heute, sondern zusätzlich das Vorbereiten einer Mission: Viel Spaß beim Fliegen!

FS Magazin

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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • OS: Windows 10 or later (suggested version 21H or later)
  • CPU: Intel i5 at 3 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16 GB or higher
  • 4 GB available on community folder
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher

Version 3.1.2:

  • Fixed a bug cutting fuel over 10k feet (resulting from SU 9)
  • Fixed an abnormal consumption bug
  • Fixed a bug showing a thick cloud of white smoke coming into the aircraft (resulting from SU 10) It is recommended to set a dead zone of 3-4% at the end of the throttle axis

Version 3.1.1:

  • Sim update 9 introduced a code break or bug related with afterburner, fuel flow and throttle position.
  • This results in a fuel flow cut above 10K feet when afterburner is lighted and throttle above 99%, reducing RPM down to idle.
  • It affects also models that do not use the new fuel system and also even if they do not use afterburner.


  • The code break or bug was partially fixed restoring an old engine model without native afterburner, this does not affect flight envelope that remains still valid as before.
  • It has been necessary modify both engine and flight model to achieve such result.
  • It has been reported that the fix does work for majority of joysticks but not all however.
  • Therefore issue should be considered mitigated but not fixed at 100%.


  • It may happen that users should set a +1% up to +3% of dead zone on "upper extremity dead zone" of joystick L-AXIS Z to completely solve the issue, this should be done to avoid throttle to reach 100% that triggers the issue.

Version 3.1.0:

  • New sounds (internal)
  • Kneeboard added
  • Gunsight, ground speed error readout, simple HUD  added as easter eggs
  • Q7 Martin Baker seat added on 2 new liveries
  • Documentation revised
  • Fixed bug on throttle axis
  • Fixed bug on TAL NUMBER customization

Version 3.0.0:

  • Antiskid light behaviour corrected, light goes on with landing gear down, if it's on ground means a failure
  • APC reading corrected with a new schedule
  • Mitigated (not completely corrected) VR Asobo bug that makes pilot avatars visible under some circumstances (ie: chase view), however using top menu should restore correct visualization
  • Altimeter Kholsman window bug fixed
  • APC kicker late intervetion
  • Fixed wrong fuel/cit test switches initial position
  • Fixed wrong rudder trim switch initial position


  • Added afterburner pilot flame
  • Added characters to startup diorama
  • Removed engine reverse, not more used to simulate dragchute
  • Take off pitch trim position fine tuned to 0.28
  • MASTER CAUTION Press-to-reset implemented
  • Added a new core afterburner flame

Version 2.0.0:

  • Fixed Aileron/Rudder limiters not working properly
  • Fixed sound bug when flaps are operated
  • Fixed kohlsmann setting misalignment
  • Fixed navigation lights weakness
  • Fixed boundary layer doors not operating properly
  • Fixed dragchute dimensions, now is 18' as it should be
  • Fixed flaps doll's eyes at night
  • Fixed LN3 platform alignement procedure, now green light blinks when aligned
  • Fixed CIT wrong indication under some conditions
  • Fixed pilots dimensions
  • Fixed pilot seat flickering at night
  • Fixed canopy glass dirtness
  • Fixed afterburner "rumbling" missing in cockpit
  • Fixed cabin pressure gauge not working
  • Fixed missing air fresh scoop lever
  • Fixed nose/main landing gear tires rotation missing under some circumstances
  • Fixed APC reading
  • Fixed a hole behind windshield
  • Fixed a dragchute bug that prevented to work properly
  • Fixed asymmetric aileron inputs
  • Fixed radar range switch not working properly
  • Fixed instruments lights not working properly
  • Fixed parking brake auto enabling, no more park brake
  • Fixed flaps bug, increased the drag at LAND position
  • Fixed a shutdown bug preventing power cut undersome circumstances


  • Afterburner natively implemented also in physical engine model
  • Engine smoke added
  • Wing tips ribbon added
  • Engine and flight model completely reviewed
  • More liveries added
  • Navigation lights implemented in 3D, steady, flash, dim e steady
  • Parking brakes are automatically set only when chocks and wing protections are present,in other cases are disabled.
  • Dragchute cannot be auto-dropped anymore
  • Engine shutdown available with sim event "ENGINE AUTO SHUTDOWN" and FUEL SHUT OFF only other procedures (ie: THROTTLE CUT, etc. ) are not supported
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